Monday, October 5, 2009

A Better Boy

I reached KL last night at around 9.30pm. I took the 5.30pm bus from JB, with a long time friend of mine – HX, met during National Service. She’s one of my few really good female friends, and we talk basically about everything. From family, friends, studies, girls, guys, relationships and etc.

Although I don’t say (and I'd always say otherwise), but I think highly about you, for your maturity and your principles in life.

I still think we have lots of similarities in terms of the way we see things, and think.

In recent years, I’ve been kind of living in a busy and hectic life in KL. I seldom go home (And I am not denying that I hate sitting 4 hours in the bus doing nothing!!! It’s so boring and I feel so hapless!). I spent the whole Hari Raya break in KL. While people chose to go home, I felt it was better for me to stay put and do my final year project, and spend a few nights in… Forget it.

I went back last Friday because my ex-boss at Digi – Krist was getting married.


He courteously called me up and invited me to attend one month back, even asking how he could send the invitation card over (Chinese culture instructs the bride to send the invitation cards by hand).

I can’t turn down such sincerity; moreover, he did look after me and taught me a lot when we were working together 2 years back.

Wedding - The old style

Atlantiz had moon-cake festival gathering at Banana Ong’s house on Saturday night. (I went only around 10pm as I wanted to spend more time at home)

Banana Ong - The event organizer with his new "grilled-beer-chicken"

His niece and nephew had a great time too...


The main point was, I went home because I had something, or things to do…

I can still remember, during last month’s mid-term break, I went home and met up with my Atlantiz gang. And suddenly, Shinn Liang and co. planned to go up Genting that night itself! And after just reaching JB, I was on the way back to KL again.

Then, Ah Soon, Thomas and gang went to Singapore the day I came down from Genting, and simultaneously, I brought them around JB and Singapore. Then after 2 days, Ah Fong came down to date someone in UTM, and I was running around the town again…

1 week of mid-term break, and you could hardly spot me at home…

So sometimes, I go home because I am a part time tour guide, and my house becomes a part time hotel.

I don’t mind really, neither do my parents. It’s an honour to play host to my friends, and I never shy to let them taste mom’s home cook food!

Just in July, I went to Sabah, and in November, I am off to a 10-day backpack in Vietnam. Dad was a little worried I can’t cope with my studies. But I assured him that I thought of everything before hand.

Financially wise, being a sponsored student made me more confident when I spend, knowing that those are not my parent’s hard earn money.

It seems that I’ve everything under control.

But when I went home last weekend, I can see that my parents are getting old already. Their health doesn’t seem to be as good as I imagined. Mom’s quite stress with her work in school at times. I know that they’d feel the happiest and most contented if their children would spend some time talking to them, telling them how’s their life, or what problems their facing.

And that was what I did last weekend.

Dad was talking about renovating our house, possibly making it bigger and nicer. I told him that a good, complete and happy family beats everything else.

And that’s why I feel really blessed and happy to have one.

Last Thursday during Gary's memorial, Pastor Lawrence came up with a sentence that shook me.

He said that young people nowadays (referring to me) always come home very late at night. And most of the time, their parents often wait for them. But the children (in this case I am one of them) will question, "Mom, it's so late already... WHY DON'T YOU GO SLEEP??? I CAN LOOK AFTER MYSELF. DON'T NEED WAIT FOR ME MA! "

Well, It's not because they don't want to sleep. It's because they can't sleep until they know their children are home safe and sound.

Realization flowed thru my blood vessels and I ended up with my head in my hands.

I know that my parents are proud of me, and I've always been a good son. It’s just that I am afraid that I may not be fast enough to earn some big cash and bring my parents around the world, or a better life.


I went over to UM to find my brother last night after dropping my friend in PJ. I was quite surprise hearing mom said that my bro currently don’t have a pair of sport shoes, and that he plays basketball bear-footed (he’s a better basketball player 100 times than me!). How is he going to walk around UM? With slippers? I couldn’t careless, and gave him my pair of new Adidas Celtic basketball shoes, which I bought last month. Wore it once so far.

I’ve looked after and helped a lot of juniors in my uni. what's more it's my own younger brother?

By law and not by law, I must look after my younger brother the most. We are one family.

It's a long time since I spent moon-cake festival at home

There’s no doubt about how important my family is to me.

Ps: Finals are in 3 weeks time. Loads of assignments queuing up waiting for me. I guess I won't update my blog that often for this period of time. Take care my friends.


Tan Chia Hui said...

Such a nice bro. Keep it up dude =)
All d best in yo final exam.

cruSadER said...

Thx man...
Gud luck to ur finals too!!

weipin said...

wah... so touching~~

you are a good son, wee ser... all the best n good luck in your future undertakings ya... i know you will be a successful man... i look up on u... =D

take care...

cruSadER said...

thanks weipin...

i also look up on u too!

all the best and take care ya...

karen said...

happy mooncake festival weeser~~

i know i am quite laggy... its better late than never. LoL=P good grown up son of your mum. you are doing great so far... KEEP IT UP and UP and UP!! thumbs up to you~~


cruSadER said...

Thanks karen.

Happy belated mooncake festival to u too...

And when do we wanna go eat bkt at puchong ar?