Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What Whisky?

All out of the sudden, after a few boring hours of research for my final year project, I research about liquor - particularly whisky.

As a relatively new-comer in this wine world, I can't be more curious about it! I browsed thru some wine and liquor websites, and that really build up my interest very much.

I don't drink often, or I should say I seldom drink, especially liquor... Once in a blue moon, my roommie (who vomited at Bukit Jalil some time before) will be "on-form" and we'll have a bottle or so, and that's also normal beer.

So what's with the liquor or whisky now?

Ok, before you close this page and head to another website (since we all don't really drink), I just want you to understand, that every bottle of these:

Johnny Walker Black Label (bought one for RM200 on my flight back from Hong Kong for my causin 2 years back)

Johnnie Walker Blue Label (This is one of the most expensive ones I've seen in The Zon, JB, where it is a tax fee zon)

Jack Daniel's (Had a few of these in Laundry Bar)

And everyone's most familiar

Chivas Regal 12 years (If you don't know what to call at a bar, call a Chivas)

Has more than 100 years of brewing history, with centuries old of finest tradition and legacy left by their founding fathers.

Those are the only few types of whiskeys I've ever known. (Pathetic ya?)

And I can't understand how interested and appreciative I am towards their tradition and legacy!

For example, Johnnie Walker's Black Label brand is a legacy left by John ‘Johnnie’ Walker, 1805 – 1857 (which is quite obvious).

When his father Alexander died in 1819 he was left £417 in trust. In 1820 the trustees invested in an Italian warehouse, grocery, and wine and spirits shop on the High Street in Kilmarnock.

So, who would've imagined, a grocery shopkeeper, whose whisky would become one of the world’s most famous whisky brand names, for some 150 years? But that was after Walker's death in 1857 . His son Alexander Walker and grandson Alexander Walker II who the ones who made the family name proud.

John’s son Alexander Walker (named after John’s father) had apprenticed with a tea merchant in Glasgow, and there learned the art of blending tea. When he returned to take over the business from his ailing father, he used those skills to create Old Highland Whisky, (eventually renamed Johnnie Walker Black Label) the blend that made Johnnie Walker whisky famous (which I bought on the plane! But my cousin presented it to a friend).

That's a brief of Johnnie Walker whisky. Imagine every brand has it's own legacy...

And all these history fascinates me in a way or another!

Now, just let me just make a short conclusion, between the difference of liquor like whisky, rum, brandy, beer.... Which before this, I have no idea.

Whiskey (usually spelled whisky in Canada and Scotland) is a spirit produced from fermented grain and aged in wood. A spirit is any alcoholic beverage in which the alcohol content has been increased by distillation.

Other spirits include brandy (distilled from wine), rum (distilled from sugarcane juice or molasses), vodka (distilled from grain but not aged), and gin (also distilled from grain and un-aged but flavored with juniper berries and other ingredients.)

Undistilled alcoholic beverages such as mead, wine, and beer.


Check out http://www.answers.com/topic/whisky or of couse, wikipedia for all the links!

I am never a drinker, but I am interested in the brewing process and the ups and downs of all these "hard-drinks". I really hate to see people getting drunk and do all kinds of funny stuffs, or get so miserable and sober.

A few cups once in a while will be make life much more colourful. It aids our blood circulation too!

And always remember to drink responsibly



Anonymous said...


cruSadER said...


A drunker in my dreams!

Thx anonymous for dropping by...

Ivan said...

awesome buddy... we should all get a bottle of alcohol of choice and have a cocktail party for this year's count down... the person with the best cocktail mix wins!!!

cruSadER said...

Haha... Gud idea man... Sounds like we are grown ups already!!!!

I shud be home for christmas, as for new year's day, not really sure bout it yet!

Hope to taste ur mixer soon!!!

Atlantiz said...

i prefer wine ~ white wine ...

i remember one drink i had in taiwan that's very nice ... i believe that ingredients are

milk + baileys + butterscotch ..

sweet treat !

Xu Shen

cruSadER said...

haha... wine is without distillation, the alcohol content still not that high, and it's a must in any family happy occasion...

we'll see when atlantiz can afford some gud wine!!!

Xu Shen said...


Good wine, i believe, does not costs much money.

With the right people and the right atmosphere, Ah Boey's near expired wine that came attached with the hamper that his relative gave him can be a good drink.
(f.y.i , boey did contribute one such wine on last gathering...lol)

chris@dotagaki said...

wow you really know your liquor. Cheers.

dropping by,

cruSadER said...

Thx bro...

ur site rocks too...