Monday, September 28, 2009

Mr. Yap's Wedding

Yup, it's Mr Yap, our "evergreen" and "forever young" (former) Chinese Culture Society Advisor tying the knot last Saturday.

Don't they look a happy matching couple?

We, the past Exco Board were invited to his wedding luncheon in Loon Seng Restaurant, Nilai.

2 main dish according to this brochure

We were there early, and I set off for some camera-ing with my quite outdated Canon IXUS.

Some blue colour torch which I like it quite much

Feminine stuffs?

I guess this picture helps create the elegant atmosphere

And this?

Mr Yap, or Dr Yap, as he just got his PhD, is quite famous with his yellow VW in uni...

And quite to our surprise...

He found 2 more and wed with it!

Huang-Gour-Met getting on with her shots

Chinese Culture Society veterans signing in

The hosts' table

I became the part-time flower guy with the rest

And here the newly-weds come!

With everyone's blessings and best wishes

Lunch time!

And the food was good

Exco-board table no.1

Exco-board table no.2

Exco-board table no.3

The second dish should be the best dish of this restaurant...

Fuo Tiao Qiang (I forgot the English name already)

And Dong Bo Rou!!!

But sadly, that was the most I can eat... 3/10 dishes...


I had another event to attend...

It was a happy occasion though

Congrats and all the best Dr. Yap

When will we see a small Mr. Yap?

Ps: My next post will be on my evening at Red FM's Love Classified's (Never heard of? Yup, me too...) SPEED DATING at Renaissance Hotel, KL. WOW!!!
That's why I had to leave with an empty stomach at before 3pm, eating only 3 dishes...
More coming up!