Monday, September 21, 2009

Emergency steps in a lift

Nowadays, with buildings getting higher and higher, and with people getting lazier and lazier (to walk up staircase), it's easy to just walk into a passenger lift and press the level button to get you to your desired floor, be it the 2nd floor, or the 22nd floor!

Who wants to walk up a stairs if this is available???

But what if suddenly there is a power failure, or a malfunction in the lift's control system? And the lift is heading downwards when you realize it?

There is no way to run or hide

Everyone of us should (stay calm and):

a) Press the buttons of every floor immediately - There will for sure be a back-up generator or so, that would restore power to the lift in no time, and once the power gets in, we maybe able to stop the free-falling lift (at gravitational speed of 9.8m/s).

b) Hold any hand bars you can find tightly.

c) Lean your whole body (from head to toe) towards the lift wall, to form a straight line - Protect your backbones and spine.

d) Bend your knees, prepare for the worst - Minimize the crashing impact.

Accidents do happen at times when are the most unexpected.

Just a handy tip for all of you. Take care~

Ps: I feel really happy that this blog has got 10,000 hits. Thanks for visiting my blog mates. Take care and all the best~~~