Saturday, September 19, 2009

Drive safe, speed kills

It's Hari Raya break... Everyone's getting back home, or already home...

I decided to stay in KL, only going back on 2.10.09, as my ex-boss at Digi, Khrist is getting married. I am quite lazy to travel home though...

Luckily I still have my housemates at home, as they are from Kuching... (If not I'll get bored to don't know where!)

I came across this news through an email. It's just outside my uni - North-south highway near Kajang.

It was an accident.

A speeding Proton Wira lost control and hit the divider

And caught fire

The Firemen tried there best

The Wira became like this

3 passengers managed to flee the car

But 1 failed

He was trapped in the car

Oh I can feel the pain of losing a loved one...

It's terrible

Speed kills... Why speed and put everyone at risk??? Just to reach a place like 10 minutes earlier? Or for the thrill for it? (I am reminding everyone, including myself)

This is one of the most meaningful video clip in Youtube I've ever seen. Have a look at it:

Drive safe my friends, and have a nice holiday!

Ps: Thanks Wen Xin for the mail... It touched me...