Sunday, September 6, 2009

Backpack @ Vietnam in November - Planning Stage (Flight ticket)

So it's decided. It's Vietnam!

So far 6 people has okay-ed this backpack plan to Vietnam.

After going thru various budget airlines from AirAsia to MAS to Jetstar, TigerAir... I found out a few ticket rates to Vietnam and back.

So far, the best I can find is:
- Singapore to Ho Chi Minh City: SGD 64.50 (~RM 141.90) - 18.1109
- Hanoi to Singapore: USD 87.46 (~RM 288.62) - 30.11.09
which makes up a total of RM 430.52

Malaysian Carriers like AirAsia goes as high as RM 500-700

Thus, the plan is to first get ourselves to Ho Chi Minh and backpack all the way up north to Hanoi, visiting places of interest along the way.

It's quite a tedious job going thru all the flight possibilities and trying to optimize it, in order to get the best price...

But I want to see this view just at my feet:

And say hello to:

I admit it's kind of late already (it's almost 2 months to go)... All the best deals should be gone by now. Went to check out MATTA Fair in PWTC.

So, if any of you out there have any opinions and suggestions, please do let me know... I'll try my best to put my progress on this blog and share with you all.

Thousand thanks for dropping by.

Hope the planning will be smooth, and this trip enjoyable and successful.


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