Friday, August 21, 2009

Uniten Convo 2009

I left for KL last Saturday, in order to attend my Uni's Convo on Sunday, where many of my seniors and good friends were graduating (1 year elder than me).

Full house...

Introducing my Dai Lou aka Boon Leong:

Had a great time for the past 4 years (Craps, football, 1st time clubbing)

1 happy "Yong" family

Also Su-Mei Jie, who always lend me her textbooks and pass year papers! Knew since my PKC days...

Not to mention many guidance and advices

The EE gang & PKC seniors, with some senior's seniors

Hadn't meet this joker for a year, but he's still a joker...

Someone who'd I knew since Foundation year in 2005...

Teoh - my senior from JB, also got lots of guidance and textbooks from him

1st sem's house mate - Han Liang and Sim

Man, I can still remember the days we da-pao fried-rice and watch TV in the apartment together!

"Brother" from Melaka - AuYong

PKC gathering?

Uniten's golden boy - Dominic

The seniors who I often look up, and learnt from all have graduated...

Nowadays, I am a final year student myself, the most senior batch of students in Uni...

Time flies...

Seeing them graduate, I can't really describe my feelings... Happy? Glad? Sad? Reluctant?

Anyway, congratulations and all the best to all of you guys out there!

Thanks for the care, guidance, and basically eveything you people did for me!

Will remember our days together in Uni!

Cheers ~ For the future!

Ps: My turn next year...