Thursday, August 20, 2009

Singapore Trip with SS People

Continuing my mid-term "adventure" from my post before the previous post "Atlantiz Genting Trip"...


We departed KL at around 11.00am after breakfast in Subang with "Liang Mei". But that time, 4 of my Uni friends - Thomas, Soon, Ming Xian and Raymond were already on the bus from KL to JB...

Well, luckily I was in time, and able to fetch them up, amid some confusion of where, or which bus stop the went down... It was around 3.00pm

First stop being a tour guide was the quite famous "Skudai duck rise at Tmn Sri Skudai". Feedback was good.

We were off to downtown JB after taking a nap at my home.

Went to old market place, Taman Sentosa.

Long time didn't come already

Actually met of with my own Atlantiz gang (sheu sheng, shinn liang and sheu sheng's NUS friend) for dinner there. And I thought all people like Ah Soon and Thomas clicked straight in with them!

1st minute self-intro, 2nd minute everybody start talk crap together...

Went to Danga Bay too (I think 1 year didn't go already)

Danga Bay got new yatch pit!

But the main objective was on the next day.


Go Singapore.

Slept at my house, breakfast at my house.

Half a year didn't go Singapore, the Kota Raya bus stop seems so empty... There were totally no SBS's 170 or Causeway Link's CW1 or CW2 bus. Something was wrong...

Luckily we decided and went to City Square and walk pass the new CIQ and took a bus there.

Thomas and co. would stay a night at:

Yes, it's GEYLANG! (Don't ask me why)

I must admit, besides Orchard Road, and Singapore City, I am just like any foreign tourist in Singapore...

So when Ah Soon confidently proposed to go eat lunch at Maxwell Road (hey, even my mom's reaction was "heard before only") after doing some "research". I deliberately followed them, with a Singapore Tourist Guide.

Actually had to walk quite far to reach.

Thomas with some appetizer

Noodles (looks normal) - 2.50 SG Dollars

It was lunch time (about 1pm) and there were visibly a lot of people. But there was one shop which you could see:

Long queue

For this bowl of fish head noodles (4.00 SG Dollars)

After that, we went to places like China Town and:

Far East Square

Quite a nice place to shop, or window-shop

Neglect the office lady beside me, this would be a good picture?

After that, we came to this old temple come museum.

Jeans 0r shoe advertisement?

Some models of our ancestors on the ship to SEA

Scenes by Singapore River

What to when you have headache?

Everybody will know what to do

We had no idea when we walked out at Plaza Singapura, and we continued our journey to down town Singapore.

Singapore River, by Clark Quay

Emotional people?

Japanese Ice-cream?

We chose an under-pass between City Hall and Clarke Quay for:

Our new album's cover? "Yeng" enough?

F4 outdated already lar...

City sky line

Raymond please behave...


We ate dinner in a Taiwanese Food Outlet at City Hall.

Some mushroom soup

Super big curry chicken chop... (Almost can't finish)


We went to Marina Bay to catch the city night line.

Welcome to Singapore guys


Eye of Singapore


SS (Shiok Sendiri)

Soon to be Casino, by Las Vegas Sand

By then, it was around 9.00pm. I had to leave for home before it's too late...

Bid farewell to the 4 of them and began my bus journey home.

They went to Clark Quay, one of the most happening place in Singapore

But what do you have on a Tuesday night?


My friends went to Orchad Road in the morning, which was kind of not a suitable timing.

No choice, as they were going back KL in the afternoon.

New shots in Orchard Road...

Skiaz doing break-dance?

Hope you people enjoyed your stay!

Bon Voyage

On the other hand, I was expecting another Uni mate - Ah Fong, who is in JB, or more specifically UTM for a special friend...

Became JB tour-guide again...

So, anyone wants to engage free tour-guide and free accommodation in JB, you'll know who to find!


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Go taiwan aso dun wan go JB!

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