Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Last Respect - Gary, My Great Friend

Just came back from Gary's place.

Was a really long night...



Hope you like the board of pictures Fong and I did... It's kind of a rush, but nevertheless, almost all our friends from our batch left our signatures on it. It's just an insignificant proof of what you've brought into our lives...

Will see you again tomorrow...

Miss you bro.

Dear great friends of Gary Robert, the latest details are:

1) 5.8.09 - Praying session / 8.30pm / Gary's house (Cheras Perdana)

2) 6.8.09 - Burial at Nirvana Memorial Park, Nilai / Meet up at Gary's house, 9.30 am

Anyone who wants to pay some last respect, or need any transport, please do not hesitate to contact me @ 016-7780188.

For Gary.