Monday, August 31, 2009

Johor Bahru day tour 2009

It's Merdeka Weekend, and I took the opportunity to go home.

This time, a few friends came along... Chia Hui was to enter Singapore and meet some professor in NTU to secure a Masters there, while Keat and Hee Guan (steadily drove all the way from KL only the next day) where also in town.

We followed Li Chiat down to Muar last Firday afternoon.

Dropped by Tangkak, and kicked start our food hunt.

The legendary...

Beef "stomach" mee-hoon

Well you don't eat too much of those... Keat ate 2 bowls, and kind of felt the impact the next day.

We hurried down to Muar's own eating street "si ma lu" only to find my favourite corner:

In construction

Anyway, we still found the best wan-tan mee in Muar.

I thought it taste a little out that day.

Later, Keat and myself took the 7.00pm bus back home.

By the time, Mr. Chia Hui had already reached my house, as he departed straight from KL at 1.30pm. Dad picked him up at the bus stop and I don't know what happened next.

At night, we went down JB down and when for "Ong-family mee hiung kuey", banana Ong's mom's stall at Tmn Sentosa... It has been a long long time since I ate "mee hiung kuey"! (My translation still ok ya...) Luckily Mama and Papa Ong still can remember me...

Luckily got friends come down JB...


Early next morning about 8am, we dropped Chia Hui at Larkin.

I would've like to go Singapore with him, show him around, but with people like Keat leaving his Passport in Penang (can you believe it??? The person staying in KL, but the passport staying in Penang), I had to stay put and make sure he is safe.

The iconic SBS 170 (pay RM1.70 and it'll bring you to Kranji MRT station, Singapore)

Next, we met up with my gang (Atlantiz gang) of friends for lunch: Shinn Liang, Kai Yuan, Yen Hsia...

Shinn Liang was flying off to US the following morning to continue his final semester in Buffalo, New York. All the best mate!

Ipoh is famous for chicken rice, but JB is famous for duck rise.

8.5 mile duck rice

Saturday specialty - zhu shou

Keat and Kai Yuan (The similarity? Talk cork don't need money)

Then, Hee Guan arrived, and we had another round of duck rise, this time, at my favourite Skudai Duck Rice stall.

After that, I brought them to downtown JB and City Square, a place where I hanged out those days.

Jalan Ah Fook, JB (City Square on the left)

Dinner was mom's home cook food.

It was a better meal then we had at Jogoya few days back (will upload in blog soon)

Even better, as my sis were home

Swiped clean, super full (hadn't stop eating since leaving KL)

And since it was Saturday night, it's natural to go somewhere happening.

I've always like this place.

The Zon

A place where only the best cars in town park


There were lots of people outside Cabana, waiting to shake their heads off inside

Keat said he saw a lot of balls.

Go go go...

Wanted to go in, but it was just not the correct timing...

So we catched Man Utd vs Arsenal at Danga Bay.

Come on, it's Saturday night!

Part of the game

It's still a good place to hang out.

Hope you people had a nice day out

The game bizarrely finished with Man Utd letting off the hook by a penalty and an own goal by arsenal. We reached home around 3am... Slept straight away...


I woked up this morning around 11.55am.

Lunch was ready.

Fried Mee + Mee hoon + Yong Taufu =

Another really nice but big meal

Mom's home cook food is the best


Left for KL at around 3pm just now in Hee Guan's Multiplexer Car... Reached in 3 hours.

Have to start studying tomorrow... VLSI quiz and test this week. Not to forget my FYP.

Nevertheless, Happy Birthday Malaysia! Hope the people who run our country will do a good job.

Good night guys.


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