Monday, August 31, 2009

Jogoya, Starhill

Last Wednesday was Li Chiat's birthday...

We went to Jogoya, Starhill for some "supper", since there was promotion - Free 1 pax for every pax.

Crazy SS gang

It's my first time in Starhill Gallery, a place only for the classy rich.

Shops mostly closed, as we reached about 9pm

Live band (if you can notice)

Pillars on top (looks like inside Uniten's admin building???)

Had a good time

Birthday boy in the middle

Birthday boy was forced to treat us?

The steam-stuff corner

Prawns, in bigger scale

All kinds of fish and seafood

Oyster Cheers

Fried sweet fish

Actually wanted to capture the "steam" coming out from this fish (but fail)

Lamb soup

Coconut (ignore ah fong's seductive look at the back)

Also considered as a type of shot - Just swallow it down

This picture tells that the tea I am drinking is very hot

With this bunch of people, every outing must be full with nonsense.

Discussing for some crazy plan???

Need to fight for food??? There are plenty man...


Some refreshments

Haagen Dazs chocolate - The best of its kind

A random shot - soy sauce bottle & plate order clip


It was a super full supper...

We went for a walk around the Starhill Gallery.


Made the place look like ours...

Anybody knows who is this model?

If you guys out there notice, Jogoya is a Japanese buffet restaurant, but clearly, we were not interested in their sushi at all... (Because will get full very fast) Was more of like a rojak buffet...

Overall, the food at Jogoya were nicer then of Tenji. More variety and taste better... And the place is visibly bigger.

Nice night out

Ps 1: Still figuring out how to shoot better pictures using my Canon IXUS (slim) camera.

Ps 2: My first ever composed song will come out in a week time (since I have quiz and test coming up this week). Still working on it.