Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gary Leon Robert (1987-2009)


It's the biggest day of your life.

And I am proud to be there for you for the past 3 days. I am rather insignificant, really, but I can't help but try my very best for you bro... Everything you taught me, and the fun times the whole bunch of us had.

Words will fail me when I describe how a near-perfect person you are, and all the things you brought for all of us.

You were the perfect son, the most caring brother, the best uni-mate, the most committed board member (in lots of clubs and society, church) the
MVP basketball player, the top football player… Your superb testimonial reflected everything.

I had always looked up to you, for both motivation and inspiration, since the day you stood in front of Mr Rajen’s Academic Study Skills class during Foundation year, introducing yourself to the class.

And we're in final year now...

You were always so humble and down to earth, despite all the triumphs and successes you’ve achieved. No one was too small for you. You treated everyone with your charming smile with a cheerful laughter…

A friend never again.

The first successful IET event we organized - Leadership and Management Talk (2006)

Woke up early in the morning to do charity in orphanage - Rumah Faith Kajang

We put up a good show didn't we

IET Awards Night 2006, Bukit Jalil Golf Club (Those were the days we all looked like 1st Year freshmen students)

Orientation Week, July 2007

I had a great time working along side you

Supported and joined IET's Genting Sanyen Power Plant Visit (where I later did my IT)

Sing "K" together

Career Carnival 2008

Last outing was Tenji Buffet at Solaris, Mount Kiara

Those were only a small part of your life bro... But, you've brought so many more cherished memories to all your family and friends. All of them touching many hearts and souls.

Rest in peace bro.

God Bless You.

Gary Leon Robert (1987-2009)

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Ps 2: Blog officially down, in respect for Gary