Monday, July 13, 2009

Sabah Trip Part III -> The Climb (4.7.09-5.7.09)

It was the climb I longed for so long.

It was the mountain I really wanted to conquer.

It was the expedition I so eagerly anticipated.

We reach Kinablu Park at around 8.30am only to see our goal --->

That's what we're going to "walk up"

Take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints

All set (with a tongkat)

So the above is the overall map of Mt Kinabalu. There are 2 ways up. Mersilau (6km) and Timpohon (8km). Everyone will meet at Laban Rata before climbing the peak, another 2.5km.

We climbed up via Mersilau trail (8km), where else our friends from USM took Timpohon trail.

We started around 10.30am and reached Laban Rata, mid point around 3.30pm.

Mersilau gate

Our friends via Timpohon trail

It rained after just 30 minutes. Luckily we did our shopping sufficiently, and had bought basically everything needed. I even bought a pair of jeans at 1 Borneo (a famous shopping center) because they said it was cold up the peak!

No wonder all of us over budget.


I wouldn’t say it was really hard. The 3 of us were physically quite strong, given the fact that we didn’t really trained. Just that the altitude made oxygen supply a little thin and therefore, I strongly agree that people who have asthma or high blood pressure not to climb this mountain.

At KM 5.5, 2.5 Km to reach Laban Rata

Meet-point of Timpohon and Mersilau

My harversack was around 13Kg (+ 2kg rain water)

We reached Laban Rata around 3.30pm. We didn't really stop for long during the climb. To be honest, we kept pushing on, to reach Laban Rata as fast as possible.

Some of our USM friends (who took Timpohon trail) reached Laban Rata around 2.30pm.

We were in time to have lunch at the cafe... And a chance to enjoy:

Some nice landscapes

Laban Rata is already about 3900m from sea level

Sunset was beautiful

Outside the domitry (about 10 degrees c)

After a "full-filling" buffet lunch, I had one of the earliest bed-time in my life - around 7.30pm.

So close yet so far?

We are to wake up around 1.30am the next day and climb up the peak. I slept with 3 layers of shirts, a pair of jeans "wrapping" a layer tracksuit. It was below 10 degrees c into the night.

I had a good rest thru the night.

At the cafe, around 2am, everybody leaving after "breakfast".

Everyone seems ready to conquer the peak, and to catch sunrise, 4o00m above sea level at around 6am.

So were we

It took us aound 2.5 hours, climbing in the dark, with the only light source from our head lamps. The temperature then should be around 2-5 degrees c.

Water vapor was formed with every breath. I thought I was in England, and it was winter!

My Canon IXUS was drained-out up the peak. Luckily the others had theirs functioning. It would be such a let down if I can't take pictures up there.

The last picture my camera could take, at KM 8, 500m from the peak

The trail up wasn't easy though. Besides climbing in the dark, with low atmospheric pressure, we had to rely on that "rope" all the way up.

Step by step for like 2km

But all of us made it at last.

4095 m from sea level

Feels good up there

Yong standing tall (This is my one of my favourite picture)

Fantastic view, amazing feeling

Another nice shot

Sunrise (with my thumbs up)

We climbed down the peak at around 7am. It was getting hot up there.

The trail down was kind of wet and my adidas wasn't that "competent". I almost fell a few times, and the guide for 3 of us - Jack, was really kind enough to exchange his "kampung adidas" with me.

Li Chiat said he fell down more than 10 times all the way down... Guides normally "walk" down without rope, but Jack had to cling on to it!

So thanks for the shoes Jack!

Jack in the middle (My shoes were later exchanged with his)

Wow... Handsome? Yeng?

Wow... !@#$%^&*

With Jason and Li Chiat (Notice our gloves, they were superb, the best thing we bought in KK... really made a difference)

A pair of good and water proofed gloves are essential. You don't save on those.

Almost fell down?

After a short rest in our dom, we checked out and had breakfast. I lost count of the number of eggs I ate. It was for energy and extra calories!

We started our journey down via Timpohon trail around 10.30am.

Bye bye Mt Kinabalu

It rained too...

We reached the bottom of the mountain at around 1pm, the targeted time Jack set for us. We actually sprint and run during the last 500 meters. 12.57pm was the time we clocked.

Totally exhausted.

The best compliment we got from our guide, Jack was: "Kamu ini cukup training."

Mission accomplished

Was a good climb

Ps: Sabah is a nice place. Really worth going, while it's still affordable.


milk said...

wow.....d scene really nice....
a nice journey.....

cruSadER said...

Ya... Nice view up there!
Anyone can climb KK... It's more like a tourist attraction already now!

amy said...

it was really interesting reading your trip to Sabah! and the Mount Kinablau climb was as worthwhile as i thought it cud be especially for you since you are the adventurous kind..congratulations!

cruSadER said...

Hey amy! Long time no see...

Thanks for dropping by. All the best to u.

Xu Shen said...

There ... you did it ...

First from atlantiz ... congrats !

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