Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sabah Trip - Part I (1/7/09 & 2/7/09)

First time to Sabah, definitely not the last time.

For any out-door-crazy dude like me, or my friends (and another gang of USM lads, that I'll introduce later), Sabah is paradise.

Sabah is where action collides with nature.

What was only just a climb up to mount kinabalu "mutated" and turned into a vacation that I'll cherish... A memorable one.

The whole plan was to first meet up with Li Chiat's friend - Teck Liang aka Sabah King aka Jacky, who is studying in UMS (Universiti Malaysia Sabah). And thousand of thanks to Jacky for bringing us around KK for the first 2 days... We really caused a lot of trouble and inconveniences for you, not to mention tons of craps and stupid ideas.

But again, this lad from Muar is a joker too...

We visited various spots in KK.

Starting with UMS, which was a really beautiful campus.

Li Chiat and Soon Yong (another joker from Muar)

One thing special about UMS is that they have a marine research study course, which is rare in Malaysia. They have all the required facilities.

Like, they have their own jetty in the campus!

Notice that the sea water is blue in colour?

This pic makes my friend look taller...

We also visited the famous Phillipino Market.

Nice coconut drink... Enjoying it with Sabah King

Eat eat eat...

Prawn King?

The market is just beside the sea and jetty, so there are really a lot of FRESH seafood and catches available first hand.

Market by the sea

Fish - many types in many sizes

At night, we travelled like 45 minutes to a place call Salut to eat "Seafood Big Meal", quoted by Sabah King. 6 of us ate around RM 370.00.

But honestly, it was the best seafood meal I've had... The fish, prawns, and oysters are very very fresh, kind of like just came out from the sea!

Prawns are the main attraction - super fresh and nice (ordered 2 plates)

Oyster was equally delicious (orderd 2 plates)

This "shi-ban" was cleared till bones

Local Sabah "paku-pakis"

Overall, it was a meal to remember.

Next morning, we woke up at 4.30am to climb Bukit Panjang, as a warm up and test run... Sabah King said that Mount Kinabalu is a few times tougher than Bukit Panjang. If we can't conquer Bukit Panjang, we'd better go home.


The aim was actually to catch sunrise, at around 6 am. In Sabah, the sun comes out at 6am and sets at around 6.30pm...

So at first, we had some difficulties accepting the time.

It's like: "Goodness, the sun is scorching hot, and it's only 8am???".

Although the sun never came out, we had an overview what to expect... It wasn't easy walking up a mountain...

We went back down at around 7am, and by 7.30am, we were out in KK town. (Can you imagine how early the day started?)

In KK, the time is like 2 hours earlier for everyone.

Breakfast (chinese food) was hard to find though...

Wan-tan-mee... Nothing special

Fish mee

Sabah king is still having his internship and our activity that day was to snork at 3 islands near KK, a decision we just made the previous day. We planned for Pulau Manukan, Pulau Sapi, and Pulau Mamutik.

The soon to open and happening place - Suria Sabah (Next time I come, it'll be opened)

So at around 9.30am, our guide brought us to the jetty...

Introducing Ting, from Australia, who is a lawyer, joined us for our outing.

Ting, standing 2nd from right, is a good swimmer too

Ready for a long day at sea

Go go go

The islands are located about 30 minutes from the jetty in KK. With Pulau Manukan the most popular one.

Manukan Island

The rules

Life guard at work???

Set out to do snorkeling in this kind of environment is a bonus

The sea shore is crystal clear

The underwawter world was fantastic, just like those you see in advertisment in TV. Very real, beautiful and enchanting. Especially the corrals... Pulau Redang's corrals are dead white in colour. But here in Sabah... You guys have to see it yourself!

Soon Yong in heaven?

I love this place

We also went to Pulau Sapi for more snorkeling

Scandal again?

It's as beautiful

A stressless are carefree day

We had a good day and left Pulau Mamutik at around 5pm

I wonder when will I come back here!

At night, we joined up with Sabah King and 2 juniors, who are also from Muar (become Johor state gathering?) for dinner at 1 Borneo.

The menu - Crocodile Ba Kut Teh!!!


Maybe the crocodile meat did help us a little for the cllimb


So that was my first 2 days in Sabah. Already quite happening ya.

I'll update more about the next few days, where we meet up with a gang of people from USM, and went for water rafting, Poring Hot Spring, and Canopy Walk.

Not to mention "exclusive" pictures of my climb up mount Kinabalu!

So stay tune guys!


Xu Shen said...

ehhh ! good one dude~

dont make us wait any longer for u mount kinabalu post !

Wau to go !!

cruSadER said...

On the way dude....

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