Friday, July 10, 2009

Rock Sabah - Part II (3.7.09 & 6.7.09)

It's the 3rd day of my Sabah trip. We joined a group of USM people, led by Yi Chun.

Initially, it was kind of a graduation outing for 12 of them, planned like 4 months ago. But 3 of their friends pulled out, and that opened a chance for 3 of us (Li
Chiat, Soon Yong, and myself to fit in just nice).

I actually spotted this group's vacancy from Cari Forum.

So to be honest, I didn't know who we were going to join up with. This
Yi Chun's group also landed in KK on the 1st of July, but they followed Wilson, our agent come tour guide all the way, where else, the 3 of us joined only on the 3rd day for the water rafting and mountain climbing.

We met up in the morning, around 7.30am, on day 3.

12 of us traveled in a bus that Wilson rented, for the whole course.
First, we pass by a country side about 1.5 hours from KK town. We were heading to Kiulu, where we'll have our water rafting.

The quite famous temporary bridge - built by the British last time

Ah SUM syndrome on the bridge???

A view from up the bridge - It's a peaceful small town

After getting ourselves some refreshments from the nearby market, we continued our journey, to Kiulu. We reached Kiulu after half an hour.

Sight seeing?

After some safety briefing, we were ready.

This is the group


I've forgotten the name of our water rafting guide. But he did a great job handling the 6 of us on the "boat".

Go go go

The view and scenery along the river stretch was really nice and cool. What a pity we didn't take pictures...

Although we didn't really encounter those really jaw-dropping or adrenaline-sucking rides, I must say I am still satisfied with all the thrills and frills. Our guide introduced some water games like boat capsizing, and balancing stuffs for us.

Not bad for a first time doing water rafting!

Of course lunch by mid day was great.

From right: Yong Jun and Yi Chun (Also a sports girl)

Next, we travelled another 2 hours to a place call Poring Hotspring, at Kinabalu Park. (Never heard of right?)

It seems it's a tourist attraction spot.



And it's not that easy putting your legs in those boiling spring water!

We went up the canopy trail too... But it wasn't up to my expectation though. Not very beautiful...

I look serious?

Waterfall is essential

Hanging bridge

Ling-Zhi or mushroom?

Snake or what?

We spent our night in a dom for 12 somewhere near Kinabalu Park, the temperature was around 16 degrees c. We would climb mount kinabalu the next morning (4th day).


I'll post about my climb in the next post, and continue what happened on the last day (6.7.09), after we came down. We started the day with a visit to UMS, as the group had planned. (Aiyo, the 3 of us had went there before lar...)

Why take picture with the UMS mosque?

Back to the UMS jetty again, with our driver, Raslan (if not mistaken)

The group we joined, led by Yi Chun hails from USM's Buddhist society. So, inevitably, they visited one of the most famous hermitage there. Note that this place is different from those Taoist temples that we put josh sticks and pray. This is a very clean and quite place, up and within the mountains. A place away from the "evil" world...

The Santayana Forest Hermitage, one of the most "high end" ones in whole of Sabah

It seems they have a si-fu there... The only sole si-fu "available" in the whole of Sabah. (Peninsular Malaysia got a lot of si-fus) There, you witness the power of religion, at least for Buddhism.

Some people are that devoted and "kind-hearted" to an extend to...

I don't know how to describe.

Offering lunch for the monks (Felt a little nervous)

We had the chance to dropped by KK's railway station.

British style

In contrast to our dear KTM, they still use steam train.

Not very modern looking trail

Before we left for the airport, I insisted to try some local food.

Wild ginger (with god knows what flavouring)

Wild mango (with don't know what spices)

Disclaimer: It's advise not to try the above 2 dishes... Each of us had only 1 bite and that's it. We even had to change tables because we can't stand the weird smell of it! Those wasn't our cup of tea...

So we left KK on the 5.35pm flight and reached KLIA at around 8.00pm. We flew Airbus 230, which was rather a more comfortable plane compared to Boieng.

Overall, It was a great trip. KK is a nice place, and worth going.

I won't mind spending the rest of my life there. The air there is so much fresher!

: "The climb" coming up next.


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