Sunday, July 19, 2009

Malaysia VS Manchester Utd

When you have the champions of EPL in town, it's going to draw football fanatics from all sides.

BEING A DIE HARD LIVERPOOL SUPPORTER, I myself too went to have a glimpse of the glamour guys who earn like GBP 100,000 (RM 500,000) per week!!!

First, stop, training session on Friday.

With the training pass

The National Stadium at Bukit Jalil was half full, and it was just the training session... Estimated around 40,000 fans turned up...

And here they are - Manchester Utd full team.

Running a few rounds

Thumbs down Man Utd, Liverpool rocks!

They were training just in front of where we sat!

Rooney, Scholes, Giggs, Carrick, Anderson (his hair is so obviously his!), Ferdinand, Evra, and not to forget MICHAEL OWEN!!! Imagine, all sitting and warming up like 200 meters from you.

But to our disappointment, they only trained for 1.5 hours... After going thru those routing skills and paces, they trained for passing and positioning only...

There were not even a 11-a-side training match...

Streching and cooling down

But, it's still Manchester Utd.

Police were deployed

And the hype caused a major traffic jam in Bukit Jalil...

We chose to walk to Carrefour but saw this!

Cars into Bukit Jalil can't even move


Yesterday was the big day, where MU faces Malaysia. 4 of us decided to go by our motorbikes.

And it was a wise decision... Cars were parked as far as at Astro Office in Serdang...

Full house - 85,000 fans in National Stadium

But I have a feeling not all were MU fans.

We have one for Arsenal... (Not scared kena whack???)

One for Liverpool (but disguised in an England shirt)

I hoped so much to let Rooney and co sign on my (original) England shirt. But I can't even get "a hair" from them.

Man Utd first team - Rooney leading the line

Malaysia and Man Utd before the match

Kick Off

I was preparing for a thrashing. And it was going to be a tough evening as Man Utd raced to a 2-0 lead with goals from Rooney and Nani in 35 minutes.

Man Utd pressuring - Corner

And Ah Keat thought MU will win big

But who would've thought that Malaysia will pull 2 goals back!

2-2!!! Can you believe it??? We were dancing around and cheering our National Football team (for once).

The atmosphere in the stadium was ecstatic. We were at the top of our voices, be it cheering or booing. Names like "Rooney" and "Owen" roared thru the stadium at times... It's something different from watching football at the mamak stall!

For once, I saw a group of very very united Malaysians... No wonder they say sports is colour blind.

Luckily for all beloved MU fans, Michael Owen scored the winner 5 minutes from time, preventing Malaysia a historical result against one of the best clubs in the world.

Malaysia got Premier League standard???

Not quite really... I think Man Utd really "fong shui" a lot

Malaysia football still has a little hope nonetheless. Goalkeeper Farizal and 2 goals hero Amri Yahya were the bright sparks for Malaysia. Do keep up the good work Malaysia!


Met up with Edwin too - Had a great time

First time seating in a fully packed stadium watching football... Was a great experience for me.

Makes me even determined to get to Anfield one day.