Monday, July 20, 2009

An Eventful Weekend

Besides catching Manchester United in town, we went for Tenji Buffet last Friday...

In Solaris, Mount Kiara

We were celebrating Yee Xiong's and May Peng's birthday.

20 pax... Always such a big gang of people!

The food was quite ok... The only dish I can remember now is that raw oyster with lime!!!

Typical Japanese buffet... (Too bad I don't have the pics with me)

But nevertheless...

Our birthday cake (Also buffet style???)

So we left Tenji with our stomachs full... Really full.

Was a nice outing...

So when's our next buffet?

New stature in Solaris?

Yesterday was Yee Xiong's birthday... We went out to Beach Cafe in Kajang after the Man Utd match...

Happy birthday!




Boon Heng


And me...

It was chill-out Saturday night... Played some card games along with some stupid punishments...

We also played "In-between".

The goal of King and 5 was big enough...

But no one entered... Everybody lost!!!