Friday, June 19, 2009

Wee Ern gets Chemical Engineering – UM

Wee Ern is my younger brother (by 3 years), who plays Dota and basketball better than me (although at one time I was better)...

I was eating my packed dinner after work when mom called and told me about the good news.

Man I was ecstatic!

Coming to see it, it was an effort that paid. 1.5 years ago I insisted that mom try her best and get my brother a place in Matrikulasi, the government’s own pre-U program, which is normally offered to Bumis. He wanted to do form 6.

To be honest I didn’t really know about the “goodness” of Matrikulasi 4 years back after my SPM. I would’ve taken the same route too. I wanted my brother to learn from my mistake and what I missed.

At least I can proudly say that my bro gets in to UM and did what I can’t do.

Matrikulasi has been a rather easier way to local universities (and a little unfair). Anyway, imagine 10 years from now, nobody will ask what or where you did your pre-U, but what degree you hold.

So for my dear brother to have a recognised engineering degree from UM (although there are more better ones overseas), I feel really contented and happy. Hope he does well, and achieve more than I had (I know, I didn’t achieve much yet)!

Just in a coi

I grew up wanting to spend my undergrad days in UM (although some of you may argue it’s been long passed its prime). But UM is still UM. The history is forever marked and craved.

Grandma wanted me to go there so much, before she left when I was in Form 3, like what my eldest cousin Wee Kee did, and that he is very successful nowadays.

Of cause at the end it’s up to our own effort and endeavour…

Hope my bro will take this opportunity and be successful in the future!

Ps: I am now training under Miss Regina, a chemical engineer at GSPP. She is in-charge of the water treatment plant and Cooling Tower (They are really interesting - Back to my favourite chemistry days!). I learned a lot from her. Just in a coincidence, after our discussion just now, she was asking whether I regret not doing chemical engineering, as I said chemistry is interesting. I didn't think so, and added that I hope my brother will get it! Was it an omen?


Ivan said...

Dude, as chemical as it may sounds for Chem Eng. You aren't studying about chemistry most of the time. It is but in fact a negligible amount of it that is really chemistry related... So no need to feel bad.. haha...

Congrats for your brother... I've friends in UM doing chemical engineering there and I heard they are quite good. Kudos!

cruSadER said...

If there were anyone to judge, its def going to be u...

Thx man. See u bc home.

control valves said...

Good job and good luck you have a full life ahead of you.

Anonymous said...

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