Saturday, June 13, 2009

Penang (Curry) Trip

Last weekend I continued my "Trans-Peninsular" visit. After last month's food hunt in Ipoh last month, I went to Penang last weekend with my uni friends, as a few of my gang are doing industrial training there.

We left around 8pm last Friday, and came back on Sunday.

The intention of stopping by Ipoh to fetch Boon Heng was good...

But the legendary "Chicken Leg" store at 15-Storey had called it a day

We reached Penang around 1 am.

We would stay at Keat's place in Bukit Mertajam.

And we got our stomachs to work right away!

Duck egg fried chao guo tiao (Must be one of the best I've tried after all these years)

We crossed to Penang Island the next morning and started our quest for nice food, starting near KOMTAR.

It's the symbol of Penang

And we tried all the usual suspects.

Ice Kacang and cendol is a must

Since Penang is a Hokkien-dominated area (thumbs up to hokkien langs!!!), we'd try what's best in Hokkien territory.

Yes! Hokkien Mee

Simple, easy, not so fancy but beats those high class food at those high class hotels and lodge, by one whole mile

Fried "mian xian" - More of a snack rather a meal (You won't get full even with 3 plates!) Also very nice

A little retro feeling eating by the roadway, which I haven't have for a long time

We next went to Penang Hill aka Bukit Bendera, since we are tourists, and that tourists visit Penang Hill when they come. (If not they are not tourist)


Unfortunately the schedule was full.

Wasn't really welcomed there I guess

Without wasting anytime, we switched plan.

We went to - Somewhere at the bottom of the hill of Ji Le Shi

With local expert like Ah Keat and Fong (half bucket full), we came to:

Ait Itam Laksa - Best in Penang, Kedah and some say Perak

The best Penang Laksa I've ever tasted

And I've to mention, this side-dish below is really different than what we expected. It looks normal, like any other fried-stuffs. BUT,

It's almost oil-ly-less

It's true folks, you won't know how they can fry till it is so crispy and "dry".


A few days before was 4th of June aka Liu Si - An important day 20 years ago in China.

It's the day of brutal killings of student at the Tianan Men Square at central Beijing. The media coverage hype made me read about it thru the net.

From Tianan Men to The Culture Revolution to the Civil war (between Kuomintang and Communist) until way back to the fall of the Qing Dynasty.

I suddenly found myself in a rich vein of modern China history obsession.

I read about the democracy movements of modern China, and how they toppled China's 3000 years of empiral rule. with people like Zhao Ziyang, Chiang Kai-Sek and of course Sun Yat Sen.


He is considered "Guo Fu" or Father of Independent of China, just like Tunku Abudul Rahman to Malaysia.

With such a titan of history nearby, we took the opportunity to visit:

But to my surprise, some local folks didn't even know that Sun Yat Sen's Memorial Center exist! Well, that's always the case. Try asking me any landmarks in JB, and I may not be able to answer you...

I can't imagine the sacrifice and effort these people had

HOWEVER, quite unfortunately, it was our dear Agong's birthday, and the muzuem is closed on public holidays...

This sign will be a reminder for me when I come next time


Next, we hanged out at Gurney Place, to wash eyes... Nice place, and they have a guitar shop inside. A very comprehensive one. With lots of guitar picks to choose from!!!

There was an exhibition of Minis inside.

The dashboard

They were Porsche outside too.

Someone call the security please!

When you pass a busy main road and suddenly see this:

Something must be deeply wrong, if not otherwise.

These people sit beside the main road, enjoying "value-added" dust, vehicle effluent... But eat like nobody's business.

This place is called "New lane" (don't ask me why). It is located near Penang's new Times Square. A lot of nice food here.

Presenting the legendary, the one and only -

RM 5.00 Char Kuey Tiao!!! (RM 9.oo if you add a few prawns)

Curry mee

Mouth watering bowl of mee


look who is in Penang???

Give a guess guys (applicable for Uniten students).

At night, we tasted one of the Top 20 Hai Nan chicken rice in Malaysia, before we called it a day.

Sold out store - Can compete with Ipoh Nga Choi Gai Fan

Next morning, we went to some no-man's-land call Parit Buntar. Took us like 45 minutes from Bukit Mertajam.

A typical Malay Kampung

But in the middle of no where,

This old shop, only known to relatives and friends only

The main dish is its curry prawns and seafood. Ah Keat had to pre-book a table for us, thru his aunty. Not an easy job!

San Wei Yu (3 taste fish) - Sweet, sour and spicy

No extra decoration, no excessive beutification. What we had was just a fresh and marvellous fried fish coupled with some "never heard of" source.

And the main dish: Curry Prawns.

Salt water prawns

Fresh water prawns (Called big prawns)

The curry paste was perfect.

Accompanied with fresh prawns

The best dish never to be found elsewhere

Swiped clean

It was worth the 45 minutes journey.

Fear of being caught in the jam on the way back to KL prompted us to leave Penang around 2pm. We stopped by in Ipoh to unload Boon Heng.

Tong Gu Teng's curry mee was next (Curry again???).

It's still one of the best curry noodles I can find.

But we were really too full. Haven't stop eating since we reached Penang

I ended the day with lots of curry powder in my stomach.

We had a swift and safe journey home. There were visibly more cars on the drive.

You even have to line up if you wanna do your business

We reached KL around 9pm. And dropped Yee Siong at Hentian Putra and went back home around 12.30 AM.

Next day need to work....

Special thanks to Ah Keat, Fong, and Hee Guan. We had a really nice trip. I enjoyed it very very much. You guys did a great job.

Where is our next destination?


Ivan said...

dude, your live seems pretty exciting yo!!! Will ask you to be my road guide for my quest for authentic local food in Msia...

Xu Shen said...

haha ! nice one weeser !

I also just went to Penang last month. Fortunately ( or not ) i got to the top of Bukit bendera .. haha. You should go up the kek lok si temple's hilltop to see the big guanyin statue tho . I thought it was amazing. I even contributed Rm10 for a piece of brick to build that statue . haha. ( I wrote my name and wishes on that piece of brick too)

I tried most of the food you listed here... the new lane's food is amazing !

Penang's sure a cool place to visit ! I like it very much.

Staryee said...

Wow, seems u are really adventurous ohr

BoOn HeNg said...

a very nice post, too bad i dun hav the pics to blog... anyway,

1) good food good food! (too bad didn't taste chiken feet...) ^^
2) this time got yeesiong, our only lady in the trip...
3) haha... Sun Yat Sen visit... =.=!
4)the 'rebec' pic's really quite clear... whose camera? ^^

and last but not least, 2 thumbs up for the prawns roxx!!!

more trips nxt sem... enjoy ur KK trip! ^^

may said...

next is langkawi!!!!

【R@YMOŊÐ】 said...

who's that mystery girl? cannot see clearly lar....rebecca?

cruSadER said...

Ivan: Waiting for u to come bc from the Philippines la!

Xu Shen: Yup, we've been up to kek lok si before... those statures of guan yin up there are awesome!

Stary aka Da Jie: 彼此彼此。

BH: Tat rebec pic of course is by using my camera la! alto skills must be improved!

May: Swt la u... FFK again...

Raymond: Think again la.. I tell u the answer when we meet?