Saturday, June 27, 2009

End of Internship

3 months...

How time flies...

How things turned out...

How people changed... For the better of course...

What a fool I was... Unwilling to face the fact that time changes things.


I had an eventful 3 months internship... Really learned a lot.

Not sure I'll miss the big stuffs here though

The most important thing I learned, would be about life. Inevitably, everyone has their own hitches in life. And that we've to pick ourselves up no matter what...


According to company's agreement, pictures taken are private and confidential. But, I'll share some pictures I took (for you guys reading my blog), as a conclusion of my 3-months stint there. All in the name of photography art.

Last day at work

HRSG boiler stack


After the sun set last friday, I am now entering my Final Year, in Uniten. Still can't really come to terms with the fact!

Will make good use of my uni days left

A big thank you to EVERYONE AT GSP, including all my managers, supervisors, engineers, admin clerks, technicians, my fellow trainee mates, and so on, who were always helpful, kind and patient with me.. It's an experience never again. I'll cherish the days we spent together.

Ps1: Finally got my guitar string from Metro Kajang...
Ps2: Can''t wait to go Kota Kinabalu next wednesday! Hope everything turn out as planned.


sumay said...

Must enjoy ur final year till the MAX!!!You will miss the time in school when u work later...haha!

cruSadER said...

I also got the same feeling ler... Hey, remember to drop by ya! I want to return u your books... they helped me lot.

See u su may jie!