Thursday, June 4, 2009

Days in the office, of a power plant

6:04 PM - Supposed to be "BANG GANNNGGGGG" (finish work in Hokkien) !!!

But none of the engineers here have left their chair...

Actually I still have an assignment on hand - calculating variation of Steam Turbine using different x value for saturated vapor...

However, I think I'll just blog, just to buy some time, after a whole day's work.

Nowadays I work in the admin building in Plant B - a 645MW combined cycle power plant operated and maintained by Alstom Power. So we engineers of GSP will to optimization and monitoring stuffs.

Plant B - Kuala Langat Power Plant

In other words, we will have to seat in front of our notebooks and calculate all sorts of results, efficiencies, and monitor the operations of the whole plant. And finally I know how to use functions in Excel to do calculations.

I thought i missed my Thermodynamics notes very much too!

While breakfast is really healthy.

4 in 1 combo-drink every morning at the pantry


Working days all passed routinely... 2 months has passed just like that. Life would be much more boring without my guitar and my notebook. NO INTERNET AT APARTMENT. I can possibly do nothing after work beside those 2 (which the former gets the most priority). Every evening I (with Saiful (not Malay) and Jien Hau) would make a point to find better food for dinner around this area, and we've found many though...

3 more weeks to go before I climb Kinabalu... I've trained hard in the gym. Now I'll up the sessions to every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Hopefully I am up to the challenge and conquer the peak.


There is a plan tomorrow to "hang out" in Penang. Want to visit my mates who are training there. Keat, Kelvin, Fong, Hee Guan, Siang.... You people better find the best food in Penang for us!!!

Well, that's about all of my recent boring working life...

Ps: My deepest condolences for family members and friends of the 228 passengers on board of the crashed Airbus 330 - AF447 last Sunday. Really feel sorry for them...