Saturday, June 20, 2009

Climbing Bukit Saga, Cheras

This post should've been up like 1.5 months ago... But at least it's late than never.

Last month, I went up Bukit Saga, at Ulu Langat (where small genting is) along with dai lou Chia Ming. It was a trip organized by his Buddhist Assoc. group, from Kajang I think.

I didn't think twice when he asked me to join. Moreover, my daily activities then (and now) are looking at GTs, Boilers, Cooling Towers, Pumps, Motors, Reservoirs, Lagoon....

We met up at around 8 in the morning down the hill foot.

Doing some briefing and warm up

It took us around 3 hours for the whole trekking.

Go go go!

Isn't really tough though

It was a Sunday, and there were quite some folks going up and down the hill. I thought it was a good morning exercise.

In fact, you can bring your pet up too...

We had some rest at mid way.

It's hard to find a place like this in the middle of the city!

All mountain climbers and adventure joiners only

There are tents set up by volunteers

After trekking around 1.5 hours, we reached the "water fall", which is considered the final destination.

Kind of dissappointed though, as I expected a bigger one. But coming to think of it, we can't expect the hill to be something like those in Gunung Tebu or Berembun in Terengganu right?

And that the water stream were quite clean and clear.

Sze Hao, Biao Ge and me... Goodness, they are the wackiest lot in the juggle (of course with Chia Ming)... Really a lot of funny people is this world


Who curi-ambil this picture?

Someone fall down the waterfall?

No wonder they are from Buddhist Assoc.

With us at the spot were another family (a few uncles and their children, I assume). They were CAMPING up there, cooking, and reading newspapers!!! Such a nice family to have!

These 3 girls were having quite a meal up there

They will cherish these trips when they grow up. Nowadays, youngsters shunt all these activities. They rather play Dota or watch dramas in their comfort home.

Yup, the water is clean enough for drinking and cooking

We started our journey down hill and reached at the foothill around 3pm.

So it was a good outing

I should organize a climb when semester starts.

Anybody want to join the climb?

It was also a kind of mild training for me before I climb Mt Kinabalu early next month (I actually wore slippers up Bukit Saga, which is quite dangerous). I have been putting myself through the sets and cycles at the gym at my work place. I've trained hard. Hopefully I can reach the peak of Kinabalu.

Can't wait to go K Kinabalu


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