Sunday, May 10, 2009


Yesterday was cool...

Sing K + Movie (Fast and Furious) + (KS) Thomas's IMU friend (I mean help him KS).

Still not contented, I spent around an hour with a few mates, in search of this Ampang Look Out Point aka Small Genting. Reached up there like 12.15 am.

Checked Google Earth, even asked the police man for direction...

For working life, Saturday night seems undefeatable... You feel so energetic, as you know tomorrow is Sunday. It's like, doing nothing besides work for 5 days in a row and am suddenly having all the time in the world, refreshed and reborn (and that's if you have a few like-minded crazy friends around).

Can basically see the whole KL (but this pic only can see lights lar)

Well, not a bad place to hang out. Wished that I could've known this place earlier.

In life, there's no second chance for redemption.

Live the life today, leave it as it pass.


BoOn HeNg said...


hiew10y said...

u come to my area should call me ma!!! no need ask police

cruSadER said...

hahaha..... your area!!!

ok... u bring me go eat nice food la!