Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sammi Hyypia

The first ever Liverpool Captain I knew and saw him playing was not Steven Gerard, nor Robbie Fowler nor Jamie Redknapp or Michael Owen. He was Sammi Hyypia, and that was 10 years ago.

The first season he joined Liverpool was the first season I supported them. Means a lot to me. From the first day I watched them play untill now, only Hyypia, Gerard and Carragher are in the team... And that's 10 years already!

And thrust me, you can’t imagine how fast time flies, with Liverpool on the receiving end of many ups and downs during the trail. They brought much joy and frustration to me during the past 10 years growing up. 10 seasons!

This season was special; some of the matches were special. Liverpool was so close to the title! (Well, I was close too…) But do we always say that the process and en route is the most important and cherished? The Reds would try harder next season.

Sammi joins German side Bayer Leverkusen after 10 years of faithful service at Liverpool. He has won almost everything, from the Champions League, UEFA Cup, Super Cup to the League and FA Cups, only for the EPL title to elude him. He is considered a legend and one of the best import players we’ve had, with a great price too.

From the time of Gerard Houlier to Rafael, as a centre back, he marshaled the Liverpool defence so well that once, we had the best defence in England and Europe (Won 5 trophies in 2002). His partnership with first Henchoz, and after that Carragher were solid and assured. He is always so calm and steady at the back. Not to forget he scores with his head when he gets the chance!

I learned something very important from him that, in a team, there is always someone who does the dirty job, covering for others, and achieves success by supporting teammates from behind, without asking for name sake. (I kind of grew up like that, behind the scene, was never someone who attracts attention) These people won’t get all the limelight or gain huge stardom, but at the end, they will be honoured and recognized. Their team members will recognize the contribution. I consider their role as important as the superstar of a team!

Michael Owen was such a super star and asset to us last time (when he won the European Player of the Year in 2001), compared to Sam, but now, try look at the contrast… Hyypia gets a rousing standing ovation from Anfield after the last game of the season, and will be remembered and written down on the Liverpool folkhold as a legendary defender that played 400+ matches for Liverpool; while Owen is on the way down to Division 2, with Newcastle.

He gains the respect of the Reds Fans all over the world. And that's something money can't buy.

So, all the best Sammi! You’ll Never Walk Alone.

Thank you (in German)

I'll miss him in a Liverpool Jersey

Ps 1: I've changed to another department at Kuala Langat Power Plant (Plant B), and will be a lot more busier... Guess I can't really have time for blogging during the weekdaysss...

Ps 2: Go Raub or Penang next weekend?


owen said...

yea. i watched his final game in anfield. When s.gerrard was subtituted by him.. I touched by the crowd.
And when gerrard passed him the captain badge, i nearly sheded my tears down.

He is the real reds, forever in memories...sammy!

cruSadER said...

spot on owen!

he has been there for us liverpool fans since day 1 or form 1...

He leaves with our best wishes!

Anonymous said...


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