Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mount Kinabalu this July anyone????

After some intensive research from friends and internet forum, I have with me quite a reasonable package (correct me if I am wrong).

Mt. Accommodation on 4th July 2009 + Others
Gunting Lagadan bed (Non heater) + 5 meals : RM 290.00
Climbing permit - Malaysian : RM 30.00
Insurance : RM 7.00
Service charge : RM 10.00
TOTAL : RM 337.00

Transportation & Tours stated as Itinerary
04/07/09 - 0700hrs / KK to Kinabalu HQ : RM 50.00
05/07/09 - Kinabalu HQ to Tune Hotel, 1 Borneo : RM 43.00
06/07/09 - City tour, shopping / airport transfer : RM 39.00
(pls use either 1405 or 1545 flight departure as per itinerary to join the vehicle)
TOTAL : RM 132.00

Grand Total: RM 469.00 per person

Excluded payment upon programs
Mt. Guide : RM 85.00 (3 persons = RM 28.40 each )
Park entrance : RM 3.00 p/p
Certificate : RM 10.00 p/p
Return Park Shuttle: RM 33.00 (3 persons = RM 11.00 each )
Museum entrance : RM 2.00 p/p

And the air ticket from KL to KK will be RM 220 (inclusive of airport tax).

Grand Total (with air ticket, transport, food, lodging): RM 765.40

We'll reach KK on 3.7.09, and leave for Mt Kinabalu early morning on 4.7.09. We'll stay a night up at mid point, and reach peak and come down the following day evening(5.7.09). We'll stay at a hotel nearby. We are following another group of people (led by a guy name Yi Chun and his freinds) and can join them for a city tour on 6.7.09 and depart for the airport.

This is a rare opportunity, because their group got 3 more empty places... I can't describe how hard it is to organize an expedition trip to climb Mount Kinabalu.

I hope to see and feel all these by myself!

So far, a Uni friend of mine (Li Chiat) has okeyed the trip. Left one more place. Anyone?

Let me know before 10.5.09 if any of you are interested... Take care!


PArtIal's Life.. said...

please make sure u all cumfirm wif suhaimi bout the intership thingy before u all decide k??

cruSadER said...

yup... i called him just now, he is on the way to meccah (to do haji i guess)...

he say muz alias with our lecturer...

thx for the reminder partial!

PArtIal's Life.. said...

alias with our lecturer?? means who??

cruSadER said...

our lecturer means the assigned supervisor from uniten lo... i think they will see our presentation and log book.

but so far not yet assign to us la.

so must wait and see who is he/her.

cruSadER said...

guys, the trip is full already...

in fact found people who want to go.