Monday, May 4, 2009

Ipoh (Chicken) Trip

“Kita ada 12 orang, boleh tambah mejakah?”

Now that’s what we’ve to say every time we want to eat...

It’s kind of cool travelling with a gang of like-minded crazy people (who can really eat), and what’s more it’s to a food paradise like Ipoh. To be honest, we never stop eating since we reached. Since all of us are having industrial training, and are situated all around Malaysia, it has been a long time since sarcastism and mockery took place...

We got to adapt and get used to bullets gazing here and there... Ipoh became a noisier place for 3 days.

Since reaching around mid-day last Friday, we were stuffed and packed with nice local Ipoh food. Starting by eating laksa, za-liu (fried stuff), hong dao bing (red bean ice) and chap gor bing (mix fruit ice) at dai xu guok (big tree leg). At the end, there were like 25 glasses and cups on our table...


Kaki ayam (first round)

After taking some rest, we continued to whack nga choi gai fan at Ong Kei. A walk around Ipoh Parade didn’t bear much, and we went to tong shui gai for some supper. And the chap gor bing there was arguably the best I’ve taste before, especially the mango!!!

Mango in Ipoh seems juicier and sweeter!

Breeze cafe was the last stop of the long day. It was a really cool place to hang out.

How could we play exciting card games without mp?

We woke up rather early (7am) the next day. Breakfast was fish head mee hun and druken chicken mee at Green Town.

Nice x2

2x Nice

We headed to climb (or I should say craw) Gua Tempurung, Gopeng. And we chose the 4th tour package, which takes around 3.5 hours to complete.

Good parking skills?


There were 4 packages with different prices

WHO so smart wear safety shoes?

Go go go

It's a totally different expedition experience. It's totally dark inside the cave. You can't see your fingers.

Of course we bring our own torch light lar...


I couldn't bear to see my Adidas jogging shoes totured in the cave, so I wore the safety shoes my company gave...

Although my feet were really safe, but it was too safe, till water can't come out...

Air circulation at some parts of the cave was rather poor, and you’ve to endure the bat’s natural essence once awhile. Some parts, we had to climb or craw through small holes and slide down some “lime-stones”. We also had to at times “swim” through layers of “under paths”.

22 years old still play slide?

Communist-used hole

It wasn't just a walk in the park... Some level of fitness is needed

Finally - Light and human civilization

Fresh air at last!


But the best thing was to get all the food we ate before digested and converted to enegy efficiently... And our stomach were emptied and readied for more!

We had lunch at dong gu teng at around 3pm. Eating:

Curry mee (soup)

Curry mee (dry) - thumbs up!


Kankong sotong

See hammmmm

With Yee Mun’s mom insisting we have dinner at her place, we manage to take a 1 hour (4.30-5.30pm) afternoon nap before continue eating again! I can’t remember when I last ate home cook food... And it was a timely one for me! Yee Mun's mom proved to be a good cook, preparing for 12 pax (but assumption ~ 15 pax, with people like Fong and Kelvin around).

Next we headed for sap ng lao (15 storey) for some gai giok hor fan. Well although I see my parents eat chicken feet (and never stop), but I never had the chance of eating it... Mom says that my hand writing will be like “chicken’s scribbles” (cakar ayam) after eating it, and at the end she eats them all up! Now I know why... a beautiful lie...

Actaully called 8 plates of these...

Next we hang out at River Side, only to see Chelsea wrapping up Fulham 3-1.

I woke up the next morning around 10.30am, only to hear that Barcelona thrashed Real Madrid 6-2. Well, that’s not the point actually. Went for pre-breakfast with Rey, Boon Heng, and his mom... And met up with the rest later.

Ipoh white coffee

Siu Mai

Duck mee

Went to collect - Chicken again....

You even have to book one day in advance, and line up to get hold of this yim kok gai

Ipoh railway station

Ipoh tree

Beside the main road...

WW1 and WW2 memorial

Stopped to get some hiong bing from Yee Hup before leaving for KL at 4pm. There were slight jam along the journey. It took almost 4 hours to reach my house. Glad that my Proton Saga still managed to get me home in one piece.

It was really a nice trip. Everyone enjoyed it very much. Special thanks to Boon Heng and Yee Mun for the wonderful hospitality.

Besides having lots and lots of chicken, there is something different between the lifestyle in Ipoh compared to KL and JB. Life seems to be more enjoyable with less stress and tension. It’s like, the pace of life is half of what we see in KL or JB. Maybe due to the natural hilly and stoney landscape covered with greenery, we feel calmer with a better peace of mind. Sometimes, a simple life may be the most meaningful and treasured one. We met yee mun's parents on a motorcycle together. I doubt I'll find any happy couple like that in KL or JB.

It’s a nice place to grow up, and to grow old, I guess.

Eventful trip!

Penang is next...


PArtIal's Life.. said...

eh, the 2nd picture is kaki itik not kaki ayam.. hehe.. anyway.. nice trip.. c u next..

BoOn HeNg said...

that's fast!
haha... good post... i lazy to blog d, so will direct them to ur blog... ^^

few things to say:-

1) safety boots... muahahha! one word... unexpected!
2) what's wif that see ham pic when u didn't taste it... hehe..
3) and that 22 years old playing slide... =.=!

and last but not least... PENANG!!! (voodoo!!!)


karen said...

wow!!! sounds like an eatery tv program featuring Ipoh. haha=P good that you have spent the weekend without any regrets. thumbs up ppl!!! btw, nice wrapped up picture in the end. that's a piece~~ anyway ws, it is crawl with an L, not craw. haha~~

crusader said...

Partial: ya lor... kaki itik ya... technical error...

BH:YAYAYAYAYA penang next!!!

Karen: My gudness.... how could we craw a cave rite!!! thx karen... spelling mistakes.... maybe eat too much kaki ayam d lar...

Ivan said...

Dude, what an exciting for you... sounds so fun. Anyway, haven't been meeting you for some time... didn't know that you currently doing Industrial Attachment... cool..
keep in touch yo!

crusader said...

yes ivan... haven't seen u since cny...

study life is the best la...

coming home next weekend... futsaal maybe?

Ivan said...

Afraid not...Will be interning in Philippines from 11th May to 29th June... See you guys by then... :D

cruSadER said...

good luck man...

all the best in the Philippines!

you take care!

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