Saturday, May 23, 2009

Busy week, boring day

I'm sitting here in the boring room
It's just another “clear” Saturday afternoon
I'm wasting my time
I got nothing to do
I'm hanging around
I'm waiting for you
But nothing ever happens and I wonder...

Familiar? Ya ya, Lemon Tree by Savage Gardens during their heydays!!!


Half a day has just passed with me spending the whole morning with my guitar, singing to the walls of my empty house (luckily no cracks yet). CH and Karen went to Singapore for a Final Fantasy concert at the Esplanade… And I am left to rot, again.

I’ve been to orchestras, and performed on stage (intermediate level – BB Band days), but thinking of the journey there (5 hours) swiped out any thoughts of attending it. At least now I perform for my own leisure.

The past one week was rather great from a working perspective. I was in the Boiler Department from Monday till Wednesday, and the Boiler supervisor – Mr Jeya (who has been working there for 17 years) was a really really helpful and patient man. The way he showed us around, and explaining every details in his department made me so impressed with him. He was so down to earth and kind! And sweat kept bursting out on his face, but never once he complained about it. No wonder Seng Tak dubbed him (along with GT supervisor Ting) as the jewel of Genting Sanyen Power.

To be honest, I never thought that the boiler department had and needed this much of dept. A Boilerman requires certification and the operational machineries here are sophisticated and at times dangerous, due to high temperature and pressure.

When I am somebody one day, I would want to emulate Mr Jeya’s way of life. Always humble and willing to share knowledge.


On Thursday and Friday, I joined the Water Treatment Department. Went back to the Langat River, Pump Station, Grit Chamber, Lagoon, Treatment Plant, Reservoir… Again, really learned a lot from the technician and engineer. I even had to do my first OT (after like 8 weeks here) yesterday, as my Jar Test (Test water quality and dosage of chemicals like polymer) kind of failed.

To be honest, I didn’t really learn a lot at ECI and Mechanical...


Next Monday will be my last day at Plant A (got to finish my Jar Test on Monday), and will move to Plant B, which is GSP crown jewel for $. The 720 MW combined cycle power plant, operated by Alstom, reaps quite some cash everyday, and GSP engineer’s duty will be on optimization and monitoring. It will be a different experience of training, as I’ll won’t need to go down to site to get “jakuzi” by boilers, or climb up the cooling tower (with lots of bird’s essence), and not to mention inhaling waste water “aroma” everyday.

We will focus more on our work using our brains there.


So far, training at GSP has been enjoyably good. But one thing is for sure, Saiful (not Malay, just nick) and myself have really found out some nice food around the area: Banting town, Jenjarom (where the famous Dong Chan Temple is located), Dengkil, Nilai (near INTI, nothing special though), and Salak Tinggi. They nice local food, that differ from the “city ones” we eat in KL, which I am rather sick of it.

Gym training has been on going every Tuesdays and Thursdays – running for 4km, and taking up various weights for 40x each. I was rather encouraged when Karen said my chest (muscle) can see a little bit of shape! Continue to train for Kinabalu…


As for today, I really have nothing much to do, besides watching some movies and singing to the wall.

Tomorrow, I’ll follow Jia Ming and co. to climb Bukit Saga, somewhere near Cheras? Subang?…. Argh, I also don’t know where lar… So have to wake up like 6 am, and meet him at his apartment near Bukit Jalil.

He has been really a steady senior for me, and always see to my needs. Thanks so much bro.

After that, it’s my good friend – Ah Sum’s birthday (revenge) celebration at Green Box. Well today is her birthday, but you all know lar, it’s reserved for someone else. So we take the next number in line.

This friend of mine was one of my earliest in Uniten, when we were all mere 18 year old teenagers from school. A lot of things happened throughout the years… Things may change as time passes, but I do hope that we’ll still be as good friends (crap friends?) for a long long time. I’ll remember granny Sum making milo for me!!!

So at tanweeser.blogspot, I’ll like to wish Partial Calculus Sum a happy 22nd birthday. All the best and may your wishes come true! Rock on!

Ps: Time to have lunch, before facing a boring boring Saturday afternoon.


PArtIal's Life.. said...

thankz wee ser for wishing me inside ur famous blogspot.. hehe.. peaceful and meaningful bday celebration of our gang will start from me.. haha.. no matter crap friend or good friend, i will still cherish u.. take k my friend..

cruSadER said...

Haha... Famous blog??? That's too much of a compliment la! My blog only craps la...

U are lucky this time is peaceful and meaningful bday!

anyway.. u take care too! plan more trips and vacations and activities!

And Sing K when sch start la!

BoOn HeNg said...

peaceful OoOOooo....
make sure the p3aceful thingy starts from you...