Sunday, April 5, 2009

It's April 2009

Finally, a nightmarish 3 weeks has ended…

Last minute study is really really unbearable and excruciating. The subjects taken this semester like digital Signal Processing (DSP), Semicondutor Devices, and Data Communication & Network are all killers in the EE field…

What’s more that the lecturers (besides Seminconductor) can’t even teach properly. One is a Professor with Datukship (DSP), and another a relaxed, steady and chilled chap only browsing thru slides in class (Data Comm). At the end, we spend like a few days studying four months of work… Of course we ourselves are to blame at the end of the day for not studying consistent enough.

This semester is my 6th in Uniten. It could arguably be the hardest for me. And I am really glad I pulled thru, although I know I screwed my finals.

The semester started well. I had all the time in the world. Activity wise, I have dropped everything. But somehow things changed. I was drafted into the Career Unit committee and I started to get really busy (after CNY). And that is when I start doing video editing (total of 3 clips in 3 weeks!).

My gang of friends organized the Uniten Watt Concert 09, shortly after the Career Fair. How could I leave them in need, see them go die? (Actually they won’t die without me la) Well with the little experience I have, I managed to help out a little or so, as a volunteer. Actually got 1k of sponsorship money from GSP. And that gave us quite a nice celebration dinner!

They say when you gain something, you lose some too. In submersing myself in this hectic life, plus with lots of assignments, I kind of lost time for other things. Like going jogging, playing guitar, singing thru the phone, swimming, chilling…

Happier times

After the success of Career Carnival 09 and Watt Concert 09, I kind of lost motivation in everything I do. It sounds really weird, as I used to be able to motivate others, not to mention myself. My brother once said that after talking to me, he won’t need a reminder to work hard.

I can still remember I woke up so tensed-up one morning few days before the finals. I can hear the pulse up my brain beating so fast… It was a total stress syndrome. I felt emotionless. I didn’t even want to get out of bed, but there were still lots of catch-ups to do. My confidence was at an all time low. Never before I felt so slack and down. But when I needed a pat on my back the most, you were there. Thanks for the encouragement and support that day. I needed it so much.

I actually had a new hair cut after Liverpool beat Man Utd 4-1. But the reality was that I was stressed out till I need a "fresher" head!

Days of tension and stress gave me lots of pimples too...

So for the past 3 weeks was basically spent either at McD Bangi or the library. Luckily I had a wonderful study group… They helped me a lot. We actually lost count of the number of French fries we ate; as we had free fries and coke voucher… I think I gained a lot of weight during this period!

Final push for Data Comm paper... Actually made the library our territory

In conclusion, I had a really tough 4.5 months. It's indescribable. Really hope in gets better in time.

Last night I watched Liverpool play Fulham at 12.30am. My goodness… When players like Dosseana can hit the bar twice, Alonso (long shot) once and Torres going one on one with the keeper only to see the ball hitting the inner side of the post and bounce to safety, you would get a heart attack! You will wonder and think that you are destined to fail and lose. Gerard admitted he thought about that during the game.

But Liverpool being Liverpool, they never give up. Benayoun scoring the winner in the 92nd minute!!!

And that’s 1 minute from the final whistle… Possible the last Liverpool attack of the day…


Tomorrow, I will start my industrial training, with Genting Sanyen Power at Kuala Langat, Banting. It's a subsidary of the Genting Group.

When they offered me a scholarship when I was in foundation (in year 2005), doing industrial training with them was part of the agreement. That time, a totally young blooded me thought that “Aiya, end of third year ma… still got so long to go."

And now, it starts tomorrow!

Time flies… Things change…

So tomorrow I’ve to leave house at 6.15am and travel all the way to Banting to check in and start work. I am actually quite looking forward to the experience working in a power plant. Seems quite interesting to me, with those high boiling towers and complicated turbine and air filter designs.

Hopefully I’ll learned something and enjoy my time there.

So finally, it's April 2009.

And to all my friends who are undergoing industrial training or on holiday, do take care. Hope to see you people soon.


hiew10y said...

I have been through the same situation as you last time. After I resign as the President of Student Council , my life seems tired and can't even do things properly. Feel so tired and always try to run backwards where ppl run forward. No motivation and no confident. but when time pass, things getting better. try to make an aim for what you want and push to the limit. The best motivation is to tell yourself that you can be motivated by yourself.

crusader said...

Thanks hiew gor...

Thanks for the encouragement!

I'll start to work hard and re-motivate myself!

you take care too!