Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Industrial Training Days

It's the third day of industrial training at Genting Sanyen Power, Kuala Langat, Banting.

Firstly I've to say that "FINALLY I KNOW WHY I STUDY ENGINEERING"! Which gave me such a torrid and tough time.

After walking thru the Genting Sanyen industrial site (plant tour for the past 2 days), which consist of a paper mill, a box farm, and a 720MW combined cycle power plant, I thought all these "big toys" are so so cool! You climb up and down the buildings, you walk into the turbine rooms, you pass by those hot boilers, you hear those engine noise and sounds, you notice those steam pipes (with steam hushing out)... You finally realize that engineering is a challenging field. You speak the engineering language. You have to be precise and accurate. All your analytical skills and basic fundamentals are needed. Especially when you can connect a conversation with your supervisor with the things you learn in class... Now that's satisfying! There's so much to learn! I am impressed with the place!

Of course we wear safety gazettes all the time, like safety helmet, ear pluck, goggles, and safety boots all the time when in the site. I thought it's quite of "yeng" lar... (SS?)

Four of us trainee, Jien Hou, Wong, Faiz and myself actually have been drafted a training outline for the next 12 weeks. And mine and Wong's (both EE) will start at the ECI department (Electrical, Control and Instrumentation) under Mr. Wong Kok Loon, which is a really nice senior and supervisor of us.

Lunch is provided everyday at the canteen, with Chinese and Malay food to choose from. I guess only at Genting you'll have a say in the food to eat in this country! Uncle Lim sets the rules! Internet at the work place is provided too. But all our favourite daily websites are block by the IT department. As it'll "affect working performance". Facebook, Msn, Friendster, ebuddy, even YouTube, Footy Tube all are banned here! So I guess the only way to communicate is by

Nevertheless, working hours (8.30am to 6.00pm) were eventful. My supervisors are mostly GSP scholars and ex-Uniten students. They taught me a lot... And are very helpful too.

There are sports facilities here too... I'll start going to the gym from today onwards, maybe 3 times per week after work.

But after that, it's totally the opposite. Kuala Langat is like in the middle of no where. It's 30 minutes from Uniten (which I can't possibly travel everyday), but there's basically nothing besides oil palm trees here. I stay in the company apartment across the road. It's basically a small small Malay village. Dinner is like going to Upten to eat nasi goreng... Sleep at 11.00 pm after doing the Log Book... It's some much needed life style after a horrible final exam period!


Luckily I brought my guitar along... "Jason Mraz - I'm Yours" will be the next song I'll master and memorize!

Last night, I drove all the way to Nilai, about 20 minutes, to scout for the "New World". Besides Nilai, there are a few small towns nearby like Salak Tinggi, Dengkil, and Banting, that have good local food. Wanna try all of them during this 3 months.

Only 3 days into working life, and I can't wait for uni to re-open... I promise I'll treasure my uni life...

But I'll try to learn as much as I can here. It's the industry in its natural form. And I think my choice of doing engineering is vindicated. I somehow feel excited and geared-up when I see all the turbines, cooling towers, boilers, transformers, high tension cables.... In scales I can't imagine in the text book. It's so different and challenging (for me for the time-being).

So hopefully I'll enjoy my stay here...

To all my friends, I miss all of you guys so much! Miss the days we camping days mugging books. You people take care!

Hope to see you guys soon. We have lots of plans right? But sadly, my Ipoh trip has to be either moved forward or postponed, because I have to join our company's futsal competition next next saturday... Sorry peeps...

Ps: I will upload photos of the site here once I have "full" internet access.


Jasonkidd said...

lol ah sir ... u have to take care over there lo. dont lift too heavy in gym =P

BoOn HeNg said...

wat the heck?
cancel AGAIN???


cruSadER said...

ah kiddd.. hopefully the nx time u see me, i am more muscular then last time la!

cruSadER said...

aunty, whr got ffk, just postpone only la... maybe i go nx week aso dunno ma...

ipoh i sure come wan!

owen said...

Dude, genting sanyen was the company i in touched with during my practical training one year back.

LOL, the only different part is you belongs to engineering world, i belongs to audit and tax world~ Btw, you interest with how much profit genting sanyen made a year? LOL

cruSadER said...

haha... i know one day they earn 72k rite???

hey man, tonite will be a tough tough match for liverpool!

but i rather win the epl than the ucl!!!