Thursday, April 30, 2009

GSP Futsal Tournament 2009

Last Saturday, my internship company - GSP held their annual futsal tournament at Cyberjaya Community Club.

Of course, how could I miss it right?

Team sheets:

Eventual Champions - Takor Boyo

Runner-up - Volcano

Third place - Gerak Gempur (From Alstom Power)

And presenting --->>>

Also a semi-finalist team, but was beaten (fairly) by eventual champions and beaten in the 3-4 placing.

Malaysia Youth Team!!!

Not to forget...

Malaysia Reserve Team


No doubt Malaysia Youth Team were the underdogs this time. I only know my other teammates before kick off... We didn't have any substitute, since Faiz can't come. But my mates were great at the back, and so I was free to play as a lone striker up front.

Each match was 7 minutes for each half.

Guess what are these Alstom people doing?

Looks so pro...

Best goalkeeper - Goh Seng Tak

I actually scored 7 goals in 4 matches... (Look at my injured left knee)

GM, KB Lim giving out cheque to Team Volcano

We got ourselves some company t-shirts finishing at 4th place...

But lunch was sumptious and satisfying at the club house.

Nasi Bryani...

Eat eat eat...

With a Swiss - Clemence from Alstom Power... Man, this guy can play football!

And his wife is just gorgeous.

I thought the photographer for the day - Jason was just marvelous with his shots!

Went back that day, only to lose my way again... Took sometime turning around the Dengkil-Putrajaya highway before making the usual big round and came out from a jammed Seri Kembangan... I just can't understand the roads in Putrajaya and Cyberjaya. So frustrated!

Ps1: Finally I have the pleasure to watch both the semifinals of the UCL. The malay food stall behind my apartment in Kuala Langat is opened 24 hours! I should have watched the Liverpool-Chelsea game, so they won't lose I guess... But do we equate all the "should-haves" with null?

Ps2: Driving up to Ipoh tomorrow to meet up with the whole gang. Plan to go to Gua Tempurung and eat lots of good food. Keeping my fingers crossed that my Saga can manage the journey.

~ Miss uni life a lot ~


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