Friday, March 6, 2009

Watt Live Performance Nite 2009

It will be jotted down as one of the big events Chinese Culture Society Uniten has organized in recent times.

Basically it's my gang who are the organizers... And I've to admit the committee board headed by Li Chiat do have depth... And when I say depth, it's a whole picture, from the very top positions to every single helper, there are lots of capable people capable of contributing and making a difference.

Congrates to the whole organizing team!

Of course it never came easy.

Actually sitting down at a photostat shop near UPM to settle the booklet, 800 of them

The hall

One of the vocalist - Kelvin CZK

As a volunteer of the event, I actually had the best sit of the night. I was at the center of the Multi-purpose hall... And had a great time watching the 2.5 hours show.

I was the media guy... And I really wonder since when I had connection with all these multimedia stuffs...


See, I am behind there working!

With Chairman Koo, now botak already (due to the high crowd attendence)

Good job guys!


After all those hustle and bustle, it's time to get back to my main responsibility - STUDY... I can't help but wonder since when I became so slack... I think since last semester, I feel that I am really really behind pace, contrary of the times when I was in 1st and 2nd year...

Which means my CGPA has been dropping... And ill afford to drop further!

Finals start on the 23rd this month. I must push to the limit this time round... No more excuses not to work hard this time!


owen said...

Cruse, for the wire man pic, entirely shown out a pro Megatari technician there~ U looks awesome, nice one matez! LOL....

Anyway, good luck for your coming exam, and most importantly.. Reds able to fight toughly next week...Real madrid and Man utd on Reds list~

cruSadER said...


finger cross for liverpool to hold real madrid on tuesday!!!