Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine weekend

It wasn't the best weekend of the year...

I met quite a good friend last Friday night at SS2. We were good friends since form 1 (well what I can remember is that I, with manager chew always made fun of her in class). Then, she shifted to KL in form 3. But we were never out of touch thru the years..Letters, cards... So it's quite cool to be able to catch up with such a good friend after all these years. Well, we have all grown up didn't we?

Of course after that I made a turn to the around PJ area (successfully went to Williams, Murni, 1 U) and The Curve. However, I got myself making a big round in KL... The maps drawn by Alfred and Jason only showed the ways to the destinations... Guess I need extra tuition on roads in KL!

Saturday was valentine's day. Some of my friends were super busy planning this and that... Well, I am a free-man though... Went out with a bunch of bachelor degree holders. The prime plan was to do business at the Hope Church in PJ... Courtesy of an invitation by Thomas.

Well we did lots of hilarious stuffs, Thomas block the whole main road (including a police car). We went to both UPM foodcort and Old Town to drink (but left because the feel of the 2 places su***).

At the end we called 1 bucket at Nelle and played some cards there.

Me and Fong at the BEST place to sit and gamble... Get either 21 dian or 5 dragon

For Black Jack (21 dian) Ah Fong and I kept on getting 5 dragons and 21 dian. But the climax should be when the Boss (Zhong Ge) got 20 dian (and thought he'll win), only to see Boon Heng getting 21 dian, Fong getting 5 dragon, and as for ME, at 4 cards at 19 dian, take 1 more and ---> get 2 POINTS!!!!

5 dragon + 21 dian = Earn triple!!!!

Ah Keat lose to all of us although he got 20 dian!!!

Last night we went to Stadium Putra in Bukit Jalil for CNY gathering by the Sports and Youth Ministry. Huat ar!!!

Li Chiat's friend gave him a round table down the hall. Where else 2 years back, we sat up at the stands in the hall.

1000 people party?

VIP seating

Neglect Thomas if you don't like!

Red carpet invitation...

Well it wasn't such a boring weekend after all. Life has more to offer... It's a big big world out there. And I want to explore every bit of it before finding myself someone (or some attachment) to get occupied and my time and effort taken away!

Rock on my friends~


BoOn HeNg said...

ah keat~~~
and yeah!
dun bother thomas....

静雯 said...

Haha! I'm also very glad that we still can keep in touch lah!
So, gambade in your life and studies lah!

cruSadER said...

yaya... me too!