Thursday, February 5, 2009

My fruit cake

I can still remember how impressed I was when I tasted the fruit cake made by my family doctor - Dr. Ho, so much so that I pestered mom to get the recipe from her.

I wanted to make it myself.

The recipe gave a different type of fruit cake, in contrast with the normal ones we eat. It is more solid, has a better and balance blend of mixed-fruits, and most importantly a taste of brandy that binds in perfectly...

So there was I, preparing the mix-fruits, ingredients and co. 2 days before CNY, before keeping it in the fridge for 5 days for the brandy to "seep" into the mix-fruits.

Of course the cake would have existed without my mom as the mentor!


Lots of nuts... Am I nuts???

Coupled with raisins, sultanas, almonds, ca-sho nuts, apricots

This is the good thing...

Mix with other ingredients like vanilla, nutmeg, honey, brown sugar... and brandy

After keeping it in the fridge for 5 days (mix evenly everyday), the next step is:

Mom's tools in called in


Beating flour with egg york

Spin spin spin

A final check on the recipe

Next, beat the egg white

It becomes fluffy and mountain-like

Mix-fruits+egg york+flour+egg white

It requires some skills indeed

Of course there are lots of things to take account to. And I am just glad that mom knows pratically all the dos and dont's!

Finally, it's ready!

Prepare the tray, with sugar paper

Rap it, oh sorry, wrap it up

Into the oven

With the timing totally wrong (started doing around 12am) I eventually stood duty all night. That caused me to be late the next day for Atlantiz house visit (but still got people came later than me!)

It took 2.5 hours to bake it... It was until 4am....

But everything was worth it after:

My fruit cake!

But I still think I still have a lot to learn before I can say I baked a cake MYSELF. I think rather than wasting my time doing nothing, why not make something to EAT, and I am as happy to have a mother that can do basically anything (cookies, dishes, cakes...). I guess I am guilty if I don't learn some of those skills from her.

So I've decided that next, it will be cheese cake and banana cake.

Anyone volunteers to become tester or quality control supervisor?

Ps: I would be glad to share the recipe with you people. Cheers~ for good food!


weipin said...

i will i will !!!

ur fruit cake is sooooooo nice... i like it so so much...

thanx alot :D

good job... well done !!!

the crusader said...

really ar???

alrite, i will register u as one of the panel la!

thanks for trying out!

w e i t i n g said...

hey wee ser..
ate ur fruit ake too...
looking forward ur cheese and banana cake..haha

cruSadER said...

thanks thanks
ur cookies tastes gud too!

Ah Soon said...

Woi, Now I baru found ur blog...
Never know it exists wor...
Hahah, Ser Ye the Baker, an EE engineer is a waste for u...

cruSadER said...