Friday, February 27, 2009

The End

Nothing better than seeing it with your own eyes… Someone you’ve weight more important than anything, that once you’d give up everything for, was not really the one you thought who was supposed to be. No absolute answers, no right and wrong. It’s just how well you can handle it and how rational you can be, finding the silver lining through the thick black clouds.

Before this I’d felt quite miserable or disappointed, because I wouldn’t do something in return. I always gave my best and kept to principles. However, when I am able to see actually, it’s a blessing in disguise, I feel a lot better, and glad. For, what I did was just to fulfill my promises made to myself (and you), and disregarding everything including my common sense. I can’t make empty promises and flung it just like that… I still believe that I am a person with my words.

I slept at 3am yesterday and I am already sitting down now at 9.20am. It was a really busy week running career carnival (with only 4 hours of sleep per day), but it’s a great great pleasure to work with professional people like Miss V, Harin, Soraya, Wei Pin, Suresh… I got to talk to lots of people from the industry – Alstom, Schlumberger, Shell, just to name a few. I learned a whole lot of things. I think I am getting back. I am (slowly but no doubtly) shifting up gears in improving myself to meet more challenges, which has been part of my life, until (No condemnation though)… I like a life full with challenges and obstacles. It keeps me in the best condition.

To be honest, I practically gave up and declined the last chance to hold on to you… It’s because I’ve finally know what I want in life. It’s very clear to me now of my targets, expectations and dreams. It’s not about the attachment, responsibility and blindly realizing the promises once made.

And I sincerely feel glad and happy that you’ve moved on (I’ll too). Let’s make it n end. Cheers for us.

Ps 1: You got to have faith in this Liverpool team. They beat Real Madrid 1-0 at Santiago Bernebeu, Spain without Gerard and Torres! You’ll Never Walk Alone.

Ps 2: Uniten PKC Watt’s Performance Nite 2009, Next Wednesday (4.3.09). See live bands from different Unis perform on stage. Tickets at Rm3/pax, buy 5 free 1. Contact me la!!! See you people there. Let’s rock Dewan Seri Sarjana (MPH)!!!

Ps 3: Later got Data Comm test 2, and I am still totally unprepared due to the busy schedule. Must start work la!!!