Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dining Etequette & Grooming of CC 09

Part of the Career Boot Camp of Uniten Career Carnival 2009, we went to CyberView Lodge Resort in Cyberjaya to "learn" how to eat properly.

We invited Ms Dolly Kee, who is a very well-known trainer and image advisor, and she basically taught us all the do and don't.

My place

1st up, the appetizer, and the bun

Mushroom soup

Main course-Risotto, chicken, asparagus


A few dishes of food took the 150 of us around 2 hours to finish! All the rules and protocols.... Looks like eating has it's own art.

Hopefully the knowledge will come handy one day.

Looking forward for next week's career fair!

This few days I am really a little busier than as usual. For the past 3 days, I came back home not earlier than 12am.

For Career Fair, I am to do 2 video clips (1 about the committee, and the other a corporate video). Well, with only experience of using Windows Movie Maker before this, it's kind of a really tough job for me (to create something with standard). Not that I am lazy or uninterested or what, but I am just not experienced enough in these multimedia stuffs. Luckily Mathan lent a helping hand, by not only giving me, but teaching me to use a more user friendly software (compared to Ulead video studio8 and Sony Vegas) - Cyberlink. I counldn't thank him more! What happened was just he saw me struggling with my work, and straight called his friend for the instalation disc. I respect you man! Steady!

As for the Watt's Concert, I am just a helper for Promotion Team, but so far, I had already contacted Genting Sanyen for sponsorship, HEP for mass emails, inviting former IET big shots from MMU, within a few days. Well, I just did what I can to help around. Because I believe they (organizing committee) need it. And what's more they are all my good friends. I'll try my best to help out.

So please do come support my 2 upcoming events:
1) Uniten Career Fair 2009 - 24-25.2.09 @ MPH
- More than 40 companies are coming to head unt students. Shell, Alstom, Schlumberger, Axon HCL, Exxon-Mobile to name a few.
- visit foor more info

2) Uniten Chinese Culture Society Watt's Performance Night 2009 - 4.3.09@ MPH
- Students performing own composed music life, with participation from other Unis like UM, UPM, UKM, Nottingham U, IMU, MMU, Taylors College and etc.
- Lots of performance like breakdance, hip-hop and from other societies like Techflow, Unics, Astena
- Tickets at Rm 3, buy 5 free 1
- More info just contact me directly @016-7780188


It's back to those hectic life, but I like it! Make's me a better and more capable person!

Cheers to all of you! Rock on'