Tuesday, February 3, 2009

CNY 2009

Nothing much to blog about... I am currently in preparation for a few tests next week...

I would like to share some pics I took last week at home, because I really don't have mood to study (for Data Comm quiz tomorrow).

CNY will always be one of the biggest days in a year for me!

The material for the "dinner"

Home-made BBQ


The result!

Yin-yang steam boat

I feel hungry while blogging this post..

Home-made cookies - Chocolate almond cookies

Huat arrr!!!

CNY tree???

Atlantiz CNY House Visiting Day

San San's mom made more than 10 types of cookies!!! Super nice!

It was a pleasant week at home. Actually spent 3 days in Melaka to visit relatives.

For now onwards it's time to work hard and START studying, before it's tooooo late!

Take care my friends~ And happy CNY (not yet end right!)