Thursday, February 26, 2009

Career Fair 2009 Video...

Finally Career Carnival 09 came to an end... Good job guys! It's a grreat event!

For the past few days, I had around 4 hours of sleep each day.

I was (last minute) doing our career carnival's video clip for our opening ceremony. It's kind of not-so in my field, but I took up the challenge.

Thank God it I managed to do it! It's my first time doing this kind of multimedia stuff... I have no past experience (besides using Windows Movie Maker). i was quite worried it was not up to expectation.

SO I was taken aback when one of the HR from Alstom - Mr. Rajakumar said he liked the clip!!! (Happy!)

Thanks to Soraya and Mathan who helped me along the way. My Inspiron 6400 (512MB of RAM) was operated at breaking point when I installed softwares like Ulead, Sony Vegas and Cyberlink... It was really lagging, especially yesterday morning, before the opening ceremony. I completed the video like 10 minutes before it was played! (of course I already have a back up copy la...) My notebook deserves the most credit!

I just couldn't stop editing and adding stuffs to it... High expectation maybe?

Check it out at :

Ps: I am still not pleased with the ending though... I didn't have eough time to improve it, seriously.