Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A trip overseas

What to do on a free Saturday at JB? It's the third day of New Year...

For us who reside most of our time in KL, it's time to get across the Courseway and go walk-walk in Singapore.

Banana Ong, manager chew and myself had some chicken rice at "big drain" before entering Singapore at around 2pm.

The new CIQ

We started clapping hands when we enter our own new CIQ. It was really clean, but we had to walk a long distance, compared to the old one.

Manager chew and banana ong

When the Singapore custom still uses man power to "chop" passport, Malaysian side uses high-tech computer scanners!

Boleh kah???

We had planned a host of destinations. We went straight to Queens Street, wanting to buy some new year clothes at Bugis.

But we came across this small market place with lots of "retro" stuffs.

Old folks shopping paradise?

Lots of used stuffs...

Sing K anyone??? Buy them all la!

Crayon also got!

Blazers, shirts, pants...

This fan is at least 30 years old


2.0 speakers....

Hardware also got...

Banana ong expanding his Cola-cola collection

The truth is that Singapore is now in recession. Not everybody is rich. Life is hard, so I guess we've to be thankful and treasure what we have.

Ya, Bugis street...

Wow x2

This kid has no worries... Hopefully he has some spare clothings!

The Mono Lisa?

We all got shirts from Samuel & Kevin. Kind of good offer to resist. I got a long sleeves jacket too. After that I got a pair of trousers. The key word again - Don't convert.

Ate satay meehoon

Some tea at ---->

Something different from ours!

Bread lovers, can I hear you?

This dan dan bread is just ...

Next stop, Marina Bay.

Face like Samuel Hong Kim Bo, voice like Gary Cao - Banana Ong

After coming out thru the Esplanade, I got a glimpse at the city view of Singapore.

The landscape looks tidier right?

Opposite is Sing's first casino in construction, by Vegas Sand

"Eye" of Singapore

Taman Singa?

The singapore symbol?

Looks fine right?

Dawn at water front

Oldest bridge along the Singapore river

Maybank tower

According to manager chew who has been in NUS for 2 years plus, there is only 1 6-star hotel in Singapore.

The Fullerton Hotel

We wondered
how much is a glass of warm water...

Start doing stupid things d...

The night view looks really cool

This is Boat Quay- lots of cool shops and bars by the river

Man Utd bar... Liverpool's most fierce rivals!

Sadly there were no Liverpool bars there... Or I didn't spot them...

After walking for 20 minutes, we reach:

Clark Quay is the most happening place I've been

There were lots of lots of bars, pubs, food outlets, all very cool and presentable..

For outdoors they had this reverse pungy and swing too.

Ya, there are few people in the air now



A trip to Singapore makes me so wanna earn lots of money and spend here! It's such a cool place to hang out!

KL no match la

Since the night was still young... What is a visit to Singapore without going to their legalized "chicken heaven"?

What are you thinking???

I say there are lots of nice nice food there!

"Frog" porridge - super nice!

Again, it's still Singapore. The conversion rate is high.

Why not exercise your brain and try calculate how much Banana Ong spent on drinks at the coffee shop:

Barli ais = 1.20 dollars and chinese tea = 1 dollar (Conversion rate $1 = RM2.35)

lol.... RM 5.20 of drinks only ar!!!

Spot the difference!



Well, it is an eye opener again for me. The world is much bigger than what I've seen. So is life. Sometimes looking at the bigger picture gives some unexpected realization. It's time to move on. There are a million more things to do, to put effort in, and to work for....

Hopefully this will be a good year ahead, for all of us!

2009 here I come!


Jasonkidd said...

wee sir,i wan s'pore!! T.T

the crusader said...

lol..... got time u come down JB la. Can stay my house aso!

it's really a good experience.

KeiTh TaN said...

Then, u can bring us to geylang ! haha... XD

banana said...

wat a nice picture for the last one... wat a superb photographer...nc post

the crusader said...

ape la.... ku ambik 50-60 gambar, kau tak cakap chun... kau ambik 1, cakap cantik.... ape la..... pisang ni, geram betul!