Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I am just an empty shell

It’s already 8.45am, what the heck is aunty yong doing??? His interview slot was at 10am, mine and li chiat’s at 11am, and the place – Shell House, Damansara Heights (around downtown KL)… That’s a little late already!

Luckily we reached there JUST on time, where our aunty had to abandon his car to us to find parking, and he himself rushed into Shell House.

3 of us went for internship interview for Shell, the so called most reputable company to train and work for besides Slumberger (spelling correct?) this morning. But neither of us really prepared ourselves for it. I went yum cha till 2am, Li Chiat went futsal till 4am…

I believe we treated it more as an experience to gain… I applied for the sake of applying and got a reply 2 days later. I seriously didn’t do any research and study at all. My current slack condition didn’t help much. I am just so unfit and blunt in terms of mental strength. I’ve retired from all responsibilities in Uni. Dr Vigna saw my attire last Monday – jeans, slippers, formal shirt, and a tie…. I think he can’t believe it too! But that’s me lately…

I almost dozed off waiting for the 11am slot… But in reality, I was a little nervous before I entered the interview room. It has been a long long time since I encounter a serious and mind-sucking interview (3 years???).

So the interviewer was Ms Kun. It was a non-technical interview. The first part was about myself, my achievements, the things I’ve done, the problems that I’ve faced and solved. The second part was the critical thinking part, where we were given 4 topics. I chose retaining and recruiting talents. Ms Kun asked lots of questions, made me think like it was the end of the world…

Nothing was inside the text book.

Why was it like that… What is your most challenging situation? What is the action you took… Give examples… What is the development….. What are the NEGATIVE sides of retaining and recruiting talents? Gosh, I mean retaining good and skilled workers was supposed to be a great idea, and she asked me to speak out the negative effects, off hand. Totally defeated…

And the interview went on for around 50 minutes. I believe she was totally not impressed by me!

I felt a sense of relieve walking out. I felt I just sat for a final paper (for 3 hours) for one of my core subjects! I felt really tired mentally...

So I rather sleep at home and skip the classes in the afternoon... And to blog all those now!

Coming to think of it, it was a good experience. Sometimes we do really slack in our conform zone. At least now I know where I stand, and how not proficient I am. Really have to admit those who get placement in Shell are really good – Queen Zee and Dominic to name a few.

So I guess it’s time to buck up and learn more. There’s a long way to go!

Can I not be just any seashell