Sunday, January 4, 2009

Atlantiz Year-End Gathering 2008

What I can remember is that Dr. Chandan canceled Semiconductor at 2pm, and not letting the whole class know... When I knew it at 2.05pm, a huge sense of injustice and intent flooded my mind... I would have went back JB for lunch!

Yea, that was on New Years Eve, 31.12.2008... Seems like a long time ago already.

Nevertheless, I changed my bus ticket to 4.30pm from 6.30pm, hoping to get back earlier. It's the Annual Atlantiz Year End Gathering, where most of us would only meet twice a year (not to forget CNY of course). We all studied in the same Form 1 class (1 Amal 8 years ago!) and formed to become a gang of 11 ppl! Well we do all sort of things, from football to basketball to laugh at people.... Nothing is impossible.

Since I ponteng last year's edition, I was more determine to get back this time.

Reached home around 9.30pm... I had a rough journey, actually reached Pudu at 4.29pm, and was lectured by the ticket seller for being late... But eveything was worth it when I got home.

Banana Ong's house in Bukit Indah

Peter and Fen Fen

William@small mouse cutting his flower

Some of the female gang members

Banana Ong doing the BBQ (Why everybody stand watching?)

Salad slash...

Contrary to our home made burger meat

As usual there are some not-so-competant members - Union Leo Tey

Kai Yuan made cheese cake!

Atlantiz presents -:

Our dinner

Clear shot on target

Of course for the above everything, I was still on my way from KL....

But it was a great meal at the end of the day for me... The hustle and bustle was worth it. Can't wait to go back again at the end of the month!

Ps: I went to Singapore yesterday, and will upload the pics tommorow. JB life rocks!


Jasonkidd said... ur fren manage to prepare so many burgers for u guys !?!! and they look really great @@

the crusader said...

Haha.... My frens back home are kind of a collection of people...

nothing is impossible ma!

tat's y i rush home!