Saturday, January 24, 2009

A little not me

Actually I feel a little bit weird since a few days back. You know those weird feelings that means to stop you being really "yourself", especially when you are alone, a way from the daily hustle and bustle... And it seems that only yourself in the whole world knows about it.

Today, under my sister's Home Spring Cleaning Project 3 – Wow, it's the 3rd cleaning session already (but I haven't contribute anything yet)! I cleaned and wiped the windows at home. I guess our house is almost done in terms of cleanness. Mom and I went to Jusco to buy some apricot, the final ingredient for my planned fruit cake (recipe by Dr. Ho). I tasted it last time; it was really really good, especially with some brandy added to it. I just got the recipe from her yesterday!

Everything looks fine from the outside, I've start whacking anything I can find at home... I am always pestering mom for home made cookies (actually she is doing those now!). But I seriously know that something is still at the back of my mind. Maybe it's the doubt and hesitation of what might have or might not have been. It's already one month to be exact. I never thought that I'll still occasionally ponder and wonder about it when I am alone... Well, I don't mean to cry over spilled milk, I am only too aware that somethings can't be undone. What will be, will be...

I keep on reminding myself it's the best way out for us.

It's a good and memorable part of my life. Because it was only there and then I found out who I am. It's something precious I learned and gained. I don't think this is the first time I face these sorts of situation though... I should get over it quite fast... That's why I feel a little weird this few days!

Argh... memories, especially happy ones, are priceless... Once gone, forever gone.

So I'll cherish and treasure what is left... And I'll start with the “Ba-Gua” at home!