Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

This is one I'll want to forget. I've given what I can.

Roller coaster ride...

It really hurts. It strikes thru my heart.

It's so so scary... The biggest mistake I've ever done is that I trusted you so much.

But I am strong enough, and I'll move on.

Thanks, because you made me very very happy at times.

I learned something, again.

Life, is just so unpredictable...


may said...

Its hard to mend a broken heart.. especially regarding trust on a person. Only time can heals it, weeser. If life were to be predictable then we wont be making mistake in life. everything has its fate. What ever that have done, is done by our own hand. We are the one that make the choice.
Always live with no regret. At least u know how was it to feel like and remind urself not to make the same mistake.

take care friend.

the crusader said...

Thanks mp, you got a point. life is really unpredictable.

you take care too... it's great to have u as a fren!