Sunday, December 7, 2008

Career Carnival Team Building at Port Dickson

I went to Port Dickson, along with the Career Unit committee last Thursday. It was a rather hasty event... I got the news at the eleventh hour.

Both me and Keith were the 2 sui yu (water fish) to join as volunteers at the last minute.

But we really learned a lot and enjoyed it very much, especially the treasure hunt... It was really well organizes.

I didn't manage to get the pictures yet, so I'll just leave you guys with some P D views.

Stayed at Mayang Sari Resort

Sand and sea

Was more like a vacation

What I can remember is we never stop eating, and played football from 11pm till 1am... Totally exhausted when I came back.

Ps: I finally got internet excess in my new house at SK, behind Minlon. Anybody is welcome to visit me anytime!