Friday, December 19, 2008

3 Steps to determine stroke

Any suspicion of stroke should be verified immediately. As the first 3 hours of stroke is vital for the victim... Send him/her to a proper medical center and you can solve totally cure the problem.

My aunty got had a mild stroke few months back. She was lucky, as my cousin sent her to Singapore for treatment at the very first place.

According to an email by Weiyi, we just need to remember the first 3 words of "stroke", which is S, T and R to determine whether someone is "stroked". Before that, keep in mind that stroke will eventually cause heart attack, which is one of the biggest "killer" around.

Let's take a look at the ways to determine first hand of a stroke patient:

1) S - Smile
2) T - Talk
3) R - Raise both arms

When someone is in a state of stroke he/she will visibly have difficulties doing any of the above actions. Call the paramedics immediately and you can save someone else's life. You'll never know when you need help too.

Hope you would find this tip handy.

Take care ~