Thursday, November 20, 2008

Climbing Gunung Berembun (Feat. N)

I was dreaming of more expedition trips, even during my finals (which I screwed). Climbing mountains has been the best way (for me) to release stress and all those unwanted daily packs and routine.

So this time, it’s Gunung Berembun (along with Gunung Lansir and Gunung Cemerlong), Ulu Dungun, Terengganu.

One thing special about this trip waas that someone special – N, came along.

Maybe due to the over-whelmed anxiety, we eventually reach the meeting point (Uniten Library) 12 hours earlier… My goodness, I miss-heard 9.00pm to 9.00am last Friday! I believe this is the first time I am so punctual!

Of course we left and came back only at 9.00pm lar…

There were around 30 of us, including a few alumni’s and working adults. It was an “underground” trip by Kelab Kembara Uniten. So we were to car pool all the way to Terengganu. We left around 12.00am and reach around 6.30am. Din is a fast but safe driver…

The map

We started hiking around 10.00am after having breakfast and taking a bath.

Relative distance of 6.7 Km to the peak

Go go go!

After 1 hour of trekking, I saw the (till now) the most beautiful and tallest waterfall in my life (saw a few at Endau Rompin, Ledang, Tebu, Kota Tinggi). It should be more than 15 stories high! The scenery was fantastic.

Really a lot of water-falling

The cool breeze was really really nice

Project director - Din, N and I

Man, Kim, and Daniel (who is only form 3)

Next we continue to trek until Kem Balak for lunch around 3.00pm – (everybody’s favourite) FAMA meehoon again… We reach our camp site – Kem Y around 6.00pm. It’s typical rain forest condition and I am just so glad to submerse myself in Mother Nature.

Kem Y will be our camp side for the night

It was the raining season… And we had our fair share of rain water. Kudos to Project Director Din, as dinner of ayam kicap was nice. You can’t imagine how hard it is to cook up there! And don’t forget all the effort to bring all those food and utensils up. The menu the second day was even better.

Fishing by the river

Some of the catch

Taste really good after frying it

I’d a good night sleep. Although Raf said he saw something sat beside me that night!

Sleep sleep sleep

We woke the next day around 9.00am.

Breakfast – Tuna + Egg was really nice

But N’s shoes, which kept talking since the first day got some make-up!

Extreme makeover???

Before taking off

Today we’ll continue the remaining part of Berembun and reach its peak and have lunch. Nothing much there, as it was covered with trees… We can’t really see the scenery there. I thought the view would be great without of it wasn’t blocked. But it was not the main course.

At the peak

We trek another 1250 m to reach Gunung Lansir, where (I would say) houses one of the best waterfall views in Peninsular.

It wasn't an easy route though...

There were already some previews of what to expect as we rest at mid-way.

The water was crystal clear

The stream of water speaks how fast the water current is

Some of them had started bathing

I thought that I was already very please with what was offer before we reached Lansir…


Pache is one of the whackiest guy in the group

The view up at Gunung Lansir is the just indescribable. You will forget about the muscle pains or tiredness when you have a chance to admire the landscape and surroundings.

My oh my...

The perfect weather added icing on the cake as we had a great time there. You really have to get there yourself (including all those effort and endeavor climbing the mountains) to experience such scenery.

Waterfalls everywhere

Having a rest on the rocks

What’s more to offer when a rainbow was formed after awhile (due to the rain earlier)! It’s like in heaven, it’s beyond words!

Oh para-paradise

I really like this place!!!

Again we had a very nice dinner. Din the cook made black pepper mutton…. My goodness… He is the best cook in these mountains!

That night I had a special bed. I guess it was the first time I slept under the moon and stars, and on some waterfall rocks! The memories of having someone special in my life beside me there and then thru the night will last forever.

So finally, when you think that this is what Lansir and Berembun can offer I was already very pleased and contented), you are wrong.

The next “dish” will be catching sunrise on the very spot we slept.

Woke up around 6.30am only to see thicks of clouds with no trace of our much anticipated sunrise.

Need more patience lar...

And finally.... Presenting ---->>>

I wouldn't need to elaborate further

Hassan the rower was there to witness too

A picture speaks a thousand words

Our bed that night before

We had our breakfast and set out to climb Gunung Cemerlong.

A good breakfast indeed

Packed and ready to go

Gunung Cemerlong, around 1500 m, and Berembun are connected at mid way.

We gathered at Kem Balak for lunch.

Waited for the rest at Kem Balak before continuing trekking

We reached the bottom of the hill around 6.00pm.

We were exhausted and very tired. Especially N, she kind of injured her ankle during the journey down. It made me really worried. Nevertheless she pulled thru and I thought it was a fantastic job fantastically done! Her courage, will and determination showed during the 3 days were inspiringly perfect.

More trips and expedition in the future?

We left around 10.00pm and had dinner at Kemaman, Pahang. We reach Uniten around 6.30am, not without some long stops for tea. I thought the drivers were great… My goodness gracious, I could hardly move, and slept all the way. These guys still could drive thtu the night!!! Great job guys!

Overall, I enjoyed the expedition very much. I have to thank everyone who followed the trip for their support and guidance. The cooperation and team work was superb. All of you guys rocks.

Looking forward for the next mountain to mount!


I actually covered around 1100 Km that day. After coming back to KL from Terengganu (in the morning), I drove up Ipoh for some chicken rice (in the evening) and headed straight back to JB (reached around 4.00am) by bus.

Ps: I am on holiday till Dec 1, and sad to say I am home alone for the next 10 days. Anybody want to hang out in JB??? Mom and dad just went to China. I know dad will be very very pleased and happy. He longed this trip for almost half a century. Both of you have a happy and safe vacation ya!


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