Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bukit Tinggi, Pahang

This place was unheard of by many of us. Well the only Bukit Tinggi I know is located in Klang...

This Bukit Tinggi however is a tourist spot, kind of owned by Berjaya Hills. It was a much needed rest after our finals...

Bukit Tinggi is located in Pahang, some where near Genting Highlands. And the attraction will definitely be the French, Japanese and Italian village. Well I would say it fairly met our expectations.

Main entrance...

But they do have lots of castle like buildings... Bonjour???

Karen looks annoyed...

European style township...

Very flowery indeed...

It looked like we were overseas, on a vacation!

Wait a minute la.... Got Jalur Gemilang lar

I wonder I would find Robin Hood somewhere

Even the clock looks different

We spent the whole evening exploring the whole place, not to mention taking lots of pictures.

At night, the scenery was even better! The lightings caught our eyes and the environment was really really nice. This is a nice and cool place to chill out.

Not to mention the cool breeze in the air!

We had some Italienese food.

Alex is the boss la, no doubt bout that!


Pasta, Alfredo, and some weird names...

We went round the town and had a great time.

Totally European style...

Of course we got back and continued some horrible and dangerous card games organized by may peng.... You either drink or eat till you drop as punishments...

We woke up the next morning and had western breakfast. Nice food though.

Country style this time?

It's kind of a good experience sitting by the road side having western breakfast, in such environment. I thought I like it very much!

View from our hotel

This picture below concludes the whole place.

Full with greenery and fresh air...

??? Oh! The Crusader!

After checking out, we continued our tour. We went to the Botanical Garden and Japanese Village.

We were 3500 feet above sea level

Selamat datang ke !@#$%^&*(

Who's gonna read when all those plants are blocking are the words?

Introducing Japanese vill.

Well, it is like that everywhere... Nature in its most natural form

The Tea House

Most wanted to go in but didn't manage to:

Too expensive la... Don't need ask!

What about some chicks?

We'd find plenty

After that, we went to the Botanical Garden. Again, all lushes of trees, plants, and flowers.

I thought this was special

It was more of Botanical Hill (quoted by Ah Tan).

As we sort of went trekking in there.

Everyone was tired after climbing up and down. But it was worth it.

BUT this doesn't mean that we can damage public properties, Keith

The last stop was the rabbit farm.

Profile picture?

Who besides may peng can be best associated with all these rabbits?

"Can you please put me down... Please don't eat me.. Mercy...", said the rabbit

We found some Karens there too...

Sleep regardless of who or what is happening...

There were others in the house too.

Santa left his deers unfed?

Some donkeys (not us la) were here...

That night, we stayed at Jason's apartment, call Selesa Park or so... I somehow found my head aching that night.... I needed 2 panadol Acti-fast to sleep. Maybe the night before, I reheat boiled water to cook instant mee... (contrary to what Ah Sum and Karen told me not to do)
I won't do that again.

WARNING + Health tip: Don't reheat boiled water (although there is no scientific explaination). I didn't buy it, and I had a hard time.

We left Bukit Tinggi the next morning around 11am.

Maybe we were in the Japanese mood... So we headed to 1 U and had luch there.

What besides this?

Best actor - Unagi Kabayaki

Overall, it was a nice outing. Thanks very much to Alex and Ah Tan for organizing it. And of course Jason, who let us turn his apartment upside-down! Everyone of us enjoyed ourselves!

Ps: Transport Confirmed! I can't wait to climb Gunung Berembun this Friday! I hope you'll enjoy it as well. I'll make sure you are fine and safe.