Tuesday, November 25, 2008


It's already a fact that the world is IN recession now. I just finished watching Singapore's TV (Channel 8) 10pm news. More cuts in bonus, salary (for top government servants, more companies to follow suit), and retrenchments... DBS Bank Singapore just "fired" 900 workers...

Rather seating down and wait time fly, I would like to share this article. It's by (once) Taiwan's riches man - Wang Yongqing, describing about the theory of a skinny goose. Very useful tips for all of us.

1 要学习瘦鹅忍饥耐饿,刻苦耐劳的精神。


I agree with this tip. Hard work is essential... It's always fair. No pain no gain, no drill no skill, no effort no reward.

2 学习瘦鹅面对困境时的坚毅态度,等待机会到来。


I like this tip the most. Let me live on, and I'll fight another day.

3 瘦鹅之所以瘦,问题不在鹅,而在饲养的方法不当所致。


I guess the third tip once to tell us that we always need to "sharpen our axe" before we chop down more trees... We need to solve problems or handle adversity with the best methods and solutions...

Keep holding on...


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