Saturday, October 11, 2008

LIfe Moves On

I’d a hectic few days, normal student life routine – test, quiz, assignment, and techcom presentation (kind of please with what we did)… But I still have micro p test next week… So dead…

Luckily I have the opportunity to slow my pace down for the weekend.

And also very luckily, I kind of learned and experienced some new stuff during this few days… I can’t help but being totally amazed and startled on how some people can behave. It’s either I am hyper-old-fashion (like what cheun hang always say) or I am all closed-up to my own world. Well, I think I am neither of them. I am just an ordinary dude walking in the journey of life, trying to reach the sky.

Life is like a bus ride… During the journey, some passengers will get up the bus, and some will get down, at the bus stops… You meet different people… You get to know them… Some of them are the people you love, like your family members and good friends. Some of them may be your best mates, and friends who you spend most of your time with. For me, I’ll make sure that I do my best whatever I can for the people I love and care. It’s like; if someone is trying to be funny to my two lovely sisters (they are very very good girls), I'll make sure that this someone will receive some surprise from their big brother (me lar!)… Or any of my friends need my help; I won’t hesitate or be indecisive to lend a helping hand. Money, time, effort… I don’t really calculate to the last detail… I believe in solving the problem or trouble first. This is because all these people care and do think for me. And I’ll do the very same the opposite way.

I am just a straight-forward and (would like to be a quite) steady guy. Kind of like my dad. Although he is not a rich father, but it's enough for a average house whole like mine. We don't have luxurious items or goods. Dad lives to his principles and in my opinion, made us a wonderful family, a really happy one. And I wouldn’t trade this for richness. But this doesn’t mean I am damn simple-minded, can’t think critically and can be under-estimated! 3 years running a few clubs (they aren’t small ones in Uniten) gave me fair share of interpersonal and communication skills, and made me more steady and calm dealing adversity. I have my brain and senses to judge and differentiate between the two poles. I believe that those core values and teachings must be followed, no matter what or who you are.

I don’t like being dishonest or insincere, even it’s against people I don’t like. 1 = 1, 2 = 2… You don’t try to make up stories or inverting the facts, coz for one lie, you’ve to think of one more to cover it, and so on… It won’t end!

And that’s when I feel kind of sick and disgusted when I see people who are crooked (Don’t know if this is the correct adjective)… It’s just so special and unconventional. But of course I can mix with anyone well and easily… I have no problem in interacting with all sorts of people… In uni, I know lots of people, and lots of people know me! Greeting or saying hello doesn’t harm you, but in my heart I know their attitude and mentality. I am really interested to know how these (fake) people think! It’s like reading a novel, in reality. It's kind of enjoyable too, to see the other sides of human nature! (Wow, something wrong with me?)

So, that makes me feel so lucky and contented to have a bunch of good friends (both in JB – Atlantiz gang, and in uni – the messi gang) around me. All are people somewhat like me – quite like to crap, very noisy, like to play, but had always been there for each other! These are true friends who would tell you if your face is dirty, and are all good people with great character. I think like-minded people do come together. We are just simple and ordinary people. We can group study at McD till like 4am, and even register for exactly the same time table (for subject registeration just now)! It's really really cool... During secondary school, mom always said that I’d mix with the correct people, and dad is totally unworried when I hang outside. So I guess I always have good buddies and mates seeing for each other! I hope we’ll still be like that for times to come!

Thus, for so long, I’d always believe in my instincts and judgments, whether it’s in studies, running clubs and societies, or on people. But this time, I got it terribly wrong… And this just proves that I am no where good in my senses and verdict! But I think this is a great lesson for me, an eye-opener, and a timely reminder! Well, never judge a book by its cover does have its meaning after all! I can’t believe I fell for someone like that… My goodness gracious, I could have gone to space and took a star down before this… Wow, it’s more like a drama now, and I really anticipate what’s going to happen next!

Walls do have ears.

This just sums up what a diversified and complicated world we have out there. Nothing is really certain… But there is one thing- I won’t let my family, friends and people who love and care about me down… And I’ll treasure them for the rest of my life.

After all, I am still a tough nut to crack! And a very determined and strong one! I can be defeated, but I will stand up again until my last breath. (Coz I am born on 9th Jan (see my previous 3 post), I guess...)

Take care all my friends!

PS: Last night we bashed up aunty yong and Jason… One turned 21 and the other 22. According to past records, this time is the best birthday bash. Tied to pole in swimming trunk, eggs, flour, s***y water…… I’ll post it up once I get the pics!