Monday, September 8, 2008

World's No. 1 Ghost House - Ci Ji GH, Japan

I actually received this superb bloody email from fellow atlantiz member peter, my old buddy in JB. And the contents did thrilled me a little. So I would like to share with all of you - Guinese World Record's World No. 1 Ghost House - Ci Ji General Hospital, Japan.

It was really a good and efficient hospital last time. But things turned bad after some irresponsible medical personals and doctors. And now it's a tourist spot (of course for brave tourist lar...). It has emergency exits and paramedics, just in case you get really freaked out and can't even recover your senses... They have all sorts of things and materials to scare the s*** out of you!

I wonder who wants to pay money and get freaked out!

Great theme, great story line, great place, great idea. Just that it's not a place for the faint-hearted. Seriously!

WARNING!!!!! Please do not scroll below this page if you can't take spooky or ghosty stuffs.


Let's see what's called no. 1 ghost house!

You can sense it coming...

It's always like that...

Let the game begin!

Police came here?

Not the white angels we imagined?

Imagine you open the toilet door and see this!

Or this!


They did spent some effort right???

Red colour ink and water colour are cheap nowadays???

I don't understand this pic though...

So I guess visitors will have self defence??? Give me the best weapon!!!!

Against him?

Or this guy???

I think at the end of the day, you get nothing more than some incredible thrill and great amount of shock.

You'll be glad to see this...

Well, I did this post, because this is rated World's No. 1 Ghost House by Guinese World Records. You judge it yourself.

Ps: Thanks again to Peter for the mail!


Xu Shen said...

that typewriter is from the famous game-resident evil ...

the crusader said...

It seems like it mate...

it takes around 1 hour to "walk out". But many cnt really complete the "journey" out, and need assistance from paramedics to leave thru side exits!!!

KiKi said...

wah feel like wanna try it out... weeser u went ar??

the crusader said...

lol... no la dai kar jie... not yet go...but it's really challenging...

i knew u like tis type of things!