Monday, September 1, 2008

The Olympics - LEGO Version

Lego, was something that accompanied me grow up. I loved playing Lego Sets when I was small. I thought it was good for our brain, and improve in creativity!

The Beijing Olympics had ended with a high, congrats and well done China! But it didn't stop there. The Lego people had their ideas too... Take a look friends.

It writes "sports day"

They did spent some time and effort!

The arena

What's Olympics without ecstatic crowds???

The feel is really real...

Forbidden Kingdom???

Looks more like small kids

USA vs China??? Of course China was no match for the US

This is really creative! One guy fainted and the rest helping him!

Sailing competition

Still lack something right??? What's the important landmark of the games?

The master piece in Lego blocks!!!

Those people have brains to construct it!

Bird's Nest Stadium now can really house birds!!!

Overall, I thought this swimming arena caught my attention the most.

Looks really cool!

Ps: Thanks San San for this email!